“Michael Jordan was the best offensive and defensive player!”: Despite Tom Brady winning 7 rings, Josiah Johnson won’t anoint him as the GOAT sportsperson over MJ

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan will forever be regarded as the 2 greatest players in their own sports leagues till someone earth-shattering.

After a whopping 23 seasons playing at the very highest level of pro football, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. has bade goodbye to the gridiron for one final time ahead of Super Bowl LVI.

Brady’s exit from the most storied player career in NFL history has reignited a lot of inter-sport debates. Pro football fans have already characterized the Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback as the greatest GOAT there is.

However, this isn’t a conversation that anyone can unilaterally decide by themselves. Public opinion does matter, and matter a ton. There are quite a few people who’d take Michael Jordan as their GOAT sportsperson still.

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Josiah Johnson and Jelani McCoy debate Tom Brady vs Michael Jordan for GOAT of GOATs

Josiah Johnson set the tone for one of the burning conversations of the sports world – who’s the greatest GOAT ever? This conversation is being had across the USA following the saddening news of Tom Brady retiring from the NFL. Jelani hesitantly sided with MJ on this one:

“I like Tom Brady and all. But nobody started talking GOAT until Michael Jordan started coming around. 6-for-6 (in the NBA Finals), you know, MVPs…Tom Brady doesn’t play defense, you know what I mean?”

“He played one position at a VEEERY high level for a very long time. Still did a lot of s**t nobody has at that position. But for me, we’re talking about Finals appearances, MVP and a transcendent talent.”

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“That GOAT debate to me is sort of MJ to me until notified.”

Josiah added to this take with some words of his own:

“MJ was the best offensive and defensive player at one point of time. If Brady was playing quarterback and lining up at DB or free safety, deal with the Ronnie Lotts, then maybe.”

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