“Mike Bibby has Alabama in a chokehold!”: Official fan merch partner Lids releases an interesting graphic of the top-selling jerseys for the 2021-22 season

Mike Bibby may have been retired for over a decade now – that does not stop him from being the best seller in Alabama

Year after year, it is a contest to see who sells the most jerseys in what state. For more than a decade, LeBron James has been near to the top of the charts, this season too. While some names that beat out Bron can be understood, one name sticks out like a sore thumb. Mike Bibby, an athlete who played for multiple teams but has no connection to Alabama, is somehow the best-selling name on any jersey there.

Granted, the state does not have a basketball team, but there is no reason a name like Bibby outsells actual Hall of Famers from the state. Phoenix Suns legend turned TV presenter Charles “Chuck” Barkley is probably the best player from there, closely followed by Robert Horry, or in recent times DeMarcus Cousins.

The other confusing names are Steve Smith in Idaho and Yao Ming in Montana. There can only be a sneaking suspicion that Ming’s jersey sells out in Montana because of the 2019 song by Draco Montana. While that is a far-fetched theory, Steve Smith selling out Idaho is much more jarring.

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Mike Bibby has no connection to the state of Alabama, but one fan might have a theory

Mike Bibby played in Vancouver, New York, Sacramento, and Arizona. There seems to be no discernible connection with the state, but one fan may have found out the reason. It is nothing to do with basketball knowledge too. The state of Alabama has some weird choices, and this fashion choice is one of them.

The Vancouver Grizzlies throwback jersey is one of the best ones in the league. The teal blue must be a popular color there since most of the outfits according to the fan here have the jersey mixed into them. Bibby is easily one of the most recognizable names from the old team, which is why most people pick his name.

It could also be the fact that the number of Lids stores in the state is very less, and the data is all in-store-related. The same goes for Yao Ming and Steve Smith. The sample size of these stores is quite small, hence these unusual stats. While all that is just speculation, the fact of the matter is they sold over LeBron James.

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