“‘My boy’ is the Real Magician this year!”: Patrick Beverley calls out Russell Westbrook saying all he does is run around and trick people

Patrick Beverley doesn’t hold back and calls out Russell Westbrook by calling him ‘The Real Magician’ following the Lakers’ woes. 

Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers haven’t had the amount of success that they thought they would revel in prior to the commencement of the 2022 NBA season. Having lost their 10 of their last 15 games, the purple and gold are looking for at least one team out there to trade with prior to the deadline. 

The Minnesota Timberwolves on the other hand, have played beyond their expectations, boasting a 29-26 record. They are a whopping 3.5 games ahead of the Lakers in the standings currently and 1.5 GB from avoiding the play-in.

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Though Patrick Beverley hasn’t been all too great out on the court, his influence in the T-Wolves locker room is strong. It’s quite interesting to see his team succeed more than Russ’s squad despite the obvious star talent the latter possesses. 

With the Timberwolves playing better than expected and the Lakers going the exact opposite direction, Pat Bev looks to reignite his old word of wars with Russell Westbrook. 

Patrick Beverley calls out Russell Westbrook on Twitter. 

The beef between Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook dates back to nearly a decade ago, with the former having been the reason Russ tore his meniscus in April of 2013. In much more recent news, Westbrook said Pat Bev tricks fans and the media and that all he does is run around, in November of 2019. 

Fast forward to tonight and Beverley has taken to Twitter this iconic beef by saying, “I remember when somebody said all I do is run around and I trick y’all. Well my boy is the real magician this year.” 

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This of course, is referring to the fact that Russell Westbrook isn’t a great fit by any means on the Los Angeles Lakers, with many claiming he’s holding the purple and gold back. 

Montrezl Harrell, a former teammate of Pat’s on the Clippers, replied saying, “Lmao yooo shut up.” 

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