“My daughter said ‘you got dunked on by Dominique Wilkins on TV like that?!’”: When Bob Lanier explained why he didn’t talk to the Hawks star for 9 years

After getting embarrassedly dunked on by Dominique Wilkins, former Hall-Of-Famer Bob Lanier chose not to talk to the Hawks star for almost a decade.

Dominique Wilkins was arguably one of the most athletic and high-flying stars the league has ever witnessed. Thanks to his unreal bounce, for over 15 years, defenders would dread jumping with Nique. Widely considered as one of the most elite dunkers of all time, Wilkins was nicknamed “The Human Highlight Film”.

Throughout the course of his distinguished career, Dominique put the best of the best defenders on a poster. However, one of his most notable dunks occurred back in 1984 during his stint with the Hawks franchise. During a regular-season clash against the Milwaukee Bucks, Wilkins had one of the most iconic in-game dunks of all time.

Late in the well-contested clash, the 6-foot-8 forward received the ball on the baseline and managed to end the play with a double pump dunk all over Bob Lanier.

Here, have a look at the breathtaking play.

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“Dominique Wilkins, I didn’t like you after that, so I didn’t speak to you for 9 years”: Bob Lanier

Definitely, nobody likes getting dunked on. Players often lose their cool once they get embarrassed and end up in an altercation. However, Lanier took things to a new level altogether. The 6-foot-11 big man gave Dominique Wilkins the silent treatment for almost an entire decade.

A few years back, on a podcast appearance on “The BS Report With Bill Simmons”, the Hawks legend spoke about the conversation Lanier had with him after the latter retired from the association. Dominique revealed:

Right after I retired, he said, ‘You know, I just started talking to you again.’ I was like, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘The dunk you had on me on the baseline when I was with Milwaukee, I had to go home and talk to my kids, and my daughter said that dunk was on TV, you got dunked on by Dominique Wilkins like that?? I didn’t like you after that, so I didn’t speak to you for nine years.’

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It’s brutal how a dunk was the reason behind two good friends not talking to each other for almost an entire decade.

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