“NO! We are NOT trading James Harden!”: Nets head coach Steve Nash bluntly squashes trade rumours regarding the Brooklyn superstar guard ahead of the NBA Trade deadline

Nets head coach Steve Nash says Brooklyn will not look to move James Harden amid rumours of a 76ers-Nets trade that will see the Beard end up in Philly.

It’s no secret by now that Ben Simmons wants out of Philadelphia following what ensued after last year’s playoffs loss. The defensive guard since hasn’t suited for the Sixers and is racking up millions in fines as we speak.

Moreover, with Joel Embiid playing some of the best basketball of his career, the 76ers are in need of a running mate for the MVP big man. And just last week, it seemed like they might have that in Nets guard James Harden.

Philadelphia fans were rejoicing as reports surfaced that the Brooklyn Nets were interested in discussing a James Harden-Ben Simmons deal ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

However, ahead of the Nets matchup against the Nuggets, their head coach Steve Nash crushed all Sixers’ dreams with just one word.

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Nets head coach Steve Nash crushes James Harden trade rumours.

With the trade deadline just a few days away, the window seems to be closing for the 76ers to find a trade to ship Ben Simmons and surround Joel Embiid with the right pieces to make finals run at the same time.

For some time, it looked like James Harden was going to be that superstar. However, Nets head coach made it crystal clear that the Beard is staying with Brooklyn ahead of the deadline. When  Nash was asked if the Nets have any plans on trading Harden this week. His answer? “No.”

Yep, that’s it. That’s a cold response.

However, he goes on to say –

“And we’ve continually said that we want him here. That’s our best chance to win. Nothing’s changed from the communication we’ve had.”

Fans throughout the league expected a blockbuster swap deal that would see the Beard in Philly, but it looks like that is not going to be the case.

All that being said, even if Harden is not in Philly colours by the Trade deadline, there is a high chance that the Sixers will acquire in the offseason.

Will James Harden eventually end up with the Sixers? Only time will tell…

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