“Now teams are gonna draft Bronny James first, only to get LeBron James on their squad”: NBA Twitter reacts as reports suggest The King is willing to leave the Lakers to play with his eldest son

According to reports, LeBron James is willing to part ways with the Lakers if he got the chance to play with his eldest son Bronny James.

Over the years, we have seen Bronny James develop into a 4-star high school prospect. Over the past few years, LeBron James has made it pretty clear that he wants his eldest son to pursue basketball as a full-time job just like Bron did himself.

It is no new news that LBJ wants to share the hardwood with his son at one point in his career. Seeing the numbers he’s putting up in Year 19, it won’t be surprising to see him play in the league till Bronny makes it to the pros.

Now, according to reports, The King is open to parting ways with the Lakers and joining any team outside L.A., if he got a chance to share the same locker room as his son.

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NBA Twitter reacts as LeBron James is willing to part ways with LAL to share the same teams with Bronny James

NBA analyst Brian Windhorst told Maxim how the 4-time MVP is open to parting ways with the Lakers to join any other franchise if it got him to share the same team as his eldest son.

“LeBron likes L.A., he likes raising his family in L.A., and his post-career businesses are in L.A.,” ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst said. “But he’s made it very clear that he wants to play with his son. If that situation is available outside L.A., he’ll pursue it.”

As soon the news went viral on social media, NBA Twitter blew up with reactions.


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Till now, no father-son duo have played in the league at the same time. If Bron manages to share the same court as his son, whether they are on the same team or not, it will be one incredible feat displaying his outstanding longevity.

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