“Originally, Philly was my first choice”: James Harden drops a truth bomb on his recent departure from Brooklyn, singing praises of the Sixers fans and head coach Doc Rivers

Former MVP James Harden reveals Philadelphia was his first choice when he wanted out of Houston, adding the Sixers were the best fit for him.

During a recent press conference, The Sixers officially introduced James Harden. The NBA never seizes to surprise us with its trades, free agency, and multi-team deals. Thus with few hours remaining for this season’s trade deadline, the Sixers and the Nets announced a blockbuster trade.

The above deal between the two parties had James Harden sent to Philadelphia in exchange for Ben Simmons, with other side pieces involved too. The Sixers is Harden’s third team in less than two seasons. The Beard finds himself playing alongside MVP front runner Joel Embiid and under the coaching of Doc Rivers.

However, the highlight of the deal involved Harden reuniting with Sixers President Daryl Morey, the former Rockets GM. Harden and Morey share a special bond and have enjoyed great success in Houston.

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During the recent media interaction, Harden revealed Philly was his first choice when planning his exit from Houston. The three-time scoring champion believes the Sixers are a top organization with the best fans in the world.

James Harden always wanted to play in Philadelphia.

Harden’s recent statements of Philly being his first choice while he was in the process of being traded from the Rockets come across as a surprise. At the time, reports suggested The Beard wanted to reunite with his former OKC teammate Kevin Durant and form a super team with Kyrie Irving.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, with the Nets Big 3 playing a mere sixteen games in one and a half seasons. According to reports, Harden wasn’t happy with Irving’s anti-vaccination stance and head coach Steve Nash’s system of running the team’s offense.

Recently, Harden had his introduction with the press after signing with the Sixers.

The ten-time All-Star believes Embiid is currently the best big man in the league and that Philly has the best fans in the world. Harden always wanted to play under coach Rivers, who he believes is one of the best coaches in NBA history.

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Harden is under the most pressure he has been in his entire career as he dons the Sixers uniform.


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