“People are bored of Erik Spoelstra’s greatness, and it s**ks”: Dwyane Wade campaigns for Coach Spo to be crowned Coach of the Year in light of the Heat being the top seed in the eastern conference 

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade campaigns for Erik Spoelstra to win Coach of the Year, adding if there is any year he should win, it is this season.

Widely recognized as one of the greatest players to don the Miami Heat jersey, Dwyane Wade has been publicly making a case for Erik Spoelstra to be Coach of the Year. D-Wade played 15 seasons for the South Beach franchise, bringing them three NBA titles, including two with Coach Spo.

Recently, the NBA released its list of top 15 NBA coaches of all time, with Spoelstra being on the list. The 51-year old has a career 645-445 record in the regular season, giving him a winning statistic of 59.17%. Coach Spo has a career 85-58 record in the playoffs, a 59.44% success in the postseason.

Spoelstra was a part of the Heat’s all three championships, being the assistant coach on the first one and head coach on the following. Coach Spo shaped a dynasty in Miami with the Big 3 boasting D-Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh.

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After James departed from Miami, it was the end of a dynasty. The following years had the Heat struggle, switching to rebuild. Spoelstra would play the active role of an architect behind this process of revamping, making the Heat championship contenders once again.

Dwyane Wade lobbies for Erik Spoelstra to win Coach of the Year.

Despite being swamped with injuries and COVID protocols, the Heat have managed to perform extraordinarily. The Pat Riley franchise is currently the top seed in the eastern conference. The following statistic is one more reason Spoelstra deserves the Coach of the Year accolade.

Wade and Coach Spo share a very close bond, with the latter playing a crucial role in Wade improving his shooting. Wade was overjoyed learning about Spoelstra’s name being in the NBA’s top 15 coaches of all time. Flash has forever been an advocate of Coach Spo and had the following to say of him lately.

“People are bored with Spo’s greatness, and it sucks because I think right now you’re talking about Coach of the Year,” said Wade, who spent most of his NBA career with Spoelstra as his head coach. “We’ve said it multiple times, but if there’s any year that he has shown that he can coach his face-off, it’s this year.”

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Having acquired the likes of Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucker during the off-season, the Heat looks like a solid contender. If there are still doubts over Coach Spo’s ability, one can rewind to the 2020 Orlando Bubble.

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From being a video coordinator on the team to becoming one of the top 15 NBA coaches of all time, the journey of Spoelstra is truly inspiring.


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