“People gonna hate you for whatever you do!”: Nets’ Kevin Durant further slams haters for trying to box his career in Stephen A Smith’s narrative of leaving Stephen Curry for Kyrie Irving

Nets’ superstar Kevin Durant doubles down on his frustration regarding Stephen A Smith’s narrative of KD’s move from GS to Brooklyn

When one thinks about Kevin Durant, the first thought that usually comes to mind is a 7 feet guy shooting over defenders with ease. In his 13 years in the league, Durant has established himself as one of the best scorers on the planet. The Slim Reaper is easily a Top 3 player in the NBA at any given time. He’s working on making a case to solidify a spot in Top-10 All-Time.

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Over the years, Durant has had the media after him for multiple reasons. Leaving the Thunder to join the Warriors(this one still comes up every now and then), fighting back trolls on the internet, and whatnot. However, this time, Stephen A Smith made a wild comment, claiming if the Warriors win, “KD would be known as the guy who left Stephen Curry for Kyrie Irving.”

Kevin Durant found the statement ‘egregious’. Smith then doubled down on his opinion on ESPN the following day. Durant once again met the same with a solid reply.

Kevin Durant fires back at haters trying to label his career in a box

For an extended period, Kevin Durant was uncharacteristically quiet on social media. The Nets were winning, KD was leading the league in scoring and was the front runner in the MVP race. However, since his injury, Durant has made his way back to the internet. Stephen A Smith, in particular, caused Durant to break his silence.

A Twitter user tried to take Stephen A’s side in the whole scenario and got schooled by the Slim Reaper.

Meanwhile, someone else passed 2Pac’s knowledge to KD, and said, “There’s Ten rules to the game imma share with you two, know that people gonna hate you for whatever you do.”

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A third person had issues with KD calling himself a ‘god’ in his last reply to SAS. KD very savagely turned and said,

Kevin Durant is much bigger than the moves he’s made, franchise-wise. He’s a 2x NBA Champion, a 2x Finals MVP, a 12x NBA All-Star, and an NBA MVP. His accolades speak for themselves, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know any better.

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