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Premier League: Clubs to fulfill fixture list despite Covid-19 disruption

Premier League clubs have opted to fill the festival despite the ongoing disruption caused by the Covid-19 lawsuit.

The 20 league teams met on Monday to discuss how to deal with the challenges they faced after being postponed for six games due to Covid-19 statistics over the weekend.

The postponement of the games round for Christmas was possible. No votes were cast so two rounds of programs will take place within five days from 26 December.

The 20th week of the game, which starts on December 28, was expected to be postponed to reduce pressure on Premier League clubs.

Instead, clubs have been advised if they have 13 quality players, as well as goalkeepers, they should complete their games.

There are, however, negotiations between clubs and authorities to end the FA Cup replay in the third and fourth rounds, and to reduce the tie for the EFL Cup semi-finals to one-legged matches.

Last week, Premier League players returned 42 Covid-19 tests in seven days, the highest number since the epidemic began. Updated figures for the latest seven-day period are expected later on Monday.

In Sunday’s Premier League matches, Chelsea called up only six players to draw at Wolves and Liverpool played Tottenham without a first-team name.

Five of the six games on Saturday were canceled. Chelsea have tried to have Sunday’s game at Wolves postponed and manager Thomas Tuchel said his players were “put in great danger … not only because of Covid but also physically”.

Understandably, Liverpool were among a group of clubs seeking a postponement of the 20th week.

After Sunday’s game at Spurs, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said playing on December 26 and 28 would not have been possible.

“Impossible, we don’t have players,” Klopp said. “We have to assume we will get another case or two. We will not be able to pass it all. On the 26th and 28th, that will not happen. We would prefer to play but we need help with games.”

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