Ranking Tom Brady’s top five most hilarious acting performances now that he’s playing himself in a movie again

It’s been less than four weeks since Tom Brady announced his retirement and it looks like the former NFL quarterback has already found another job and that job is as an actor.  

Now that he’s in retirement, the seven-time Super Bowl winner is taking his talents to Hollywood for the next phase of his career. According to a report from Wednesday, Brady has signed on for a role in a movie where he will play none other than Tom Brady, because let’s be honest, no one plays Tom Brady better than Tom Brady and we know that, because Brady has played himself plenty of times before. 

With that in mind, let’s look at the top-five times where Brady played himself in role. 

5. ‘Family Guy’

We’re starting with this one because I’m not sure it technically counts as acting. Back in 2006, the producers of “Family Guy” convinced Brady to make a cameo on the show, but he didn’t have do any acting because the role only required a voice over. In the episode, Peter Griffin meets Brady at a high school reunion and because this is “Family Guy,” that leads to Peter somehow playing for the Patriots. Unfortunately for Peter, he doesn’t understand the Patriot Way and he quickly gets booted off the team. 

Bob Costas, Jay Leno and former Patriots receiver Troy Brown are also featured in the episode.  

4. ‘Entourage’ 

In 2009, Brady showed up on an episode of “Entourage” that wasn’t even supposed to feature him. According to Jerry Ferrara, who played the role of Turtle in the show, the writers had written in a part for the Manning brothers, but they had to back out just before filming started, so the producers reached out to Brady. The quarterback said yes and what we got was a fictional golf tournament that featured Brady, Mark Wahlberg, Vincent Chase and Johnny Drama. 

The rest of the clip features some curse words and if you want to see the entire thing, you can click here. Brady also showed up in the “Entourage” movie when that came out six years later. 

3. Tom Brady’s Falafel City

This might not be Brady’s funniest moment playing himself, but it ranks No. 3 because it happened early in his career and because it happened on “Saturday Night Live.” Brady only hosted the show once and that came in April 2005. During the episode, Brady did several hilarious things, but the best one was probably the skit that involved him owning a restaurant called Falafel City. 

Tom Brady Falafel City is without a doubt one of the top-five NFL quarterback-owned-and-operated middle eastern restaurants in all of South Plainfield, New Jersey. 

2. Brady’s wicked accent

Of all the performances where Brady has played himself, you could easily argue that this was the funniest one. In 2012, the crew over at “Funny or Die” had Brady do a video that also doubled as a commercial for Under Armour and Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

The premise of the commercial is pretty simple: The employee at Dick’s can’t understand what Brady is saying because of the QB’s unintelligible Boston accent and this is funny because Brady clearly doesn’t have a Boston accent. You know what, it will make a lot more sense if you just watch it. 

Now that he’s retired, Brady needs to make more “Funny or Die” videos. 

1. ‘Ted 2’ 

If you have never seen “Ted” or “Ted 2,” then this cameo might be a little confusing, so I’ll try to easily sum it up for you: Ted is a talking stuffed bear who is trying to have a baby with his human wife, but he’s not capable of having a baby because, um, he’s a stuffed bear. Ted needs a sperm donor, so he goes over to Tom Brady’s house and let’s just say chaos ensues from there. 

You can see the clip below, but if you do watch, just remember that there are a few NSFW words. 

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