“Ray Allen grabbed my head and the first thing we did was dap each other up”: Kevin Garnett hints towards him burying the hatchet at NBA75 with the former Celtics sharpshooter 

Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen seemed to have squashed their beef with one another as Garnett explains him dapping up Allen. 

The beef between Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen has been one that has existed for about a decade now. Despite winning an NBA championship together in 2008 on the Boston Celtics, the two had quite the falling out due to the sharpshooter taking his talents to South Beach after losing to the Heat in the previous year’s Playoffs. 

KG saw this as an act of betrayal from Ray Allen towards his Celtics brothers as they had gone through quite a bit to get to the point that they were at. And for Ray to move from one team to another, especially LeBron James’s Miami Heat was something he could not deal with.

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During the 2017 reunion tour that that 2008 Celtics title group had, Kevin Garnett made it a point to not invite Ray Allen. “The situation with Ray is very sensitive. I think when we all talked about doing this tour, we were talking about guys that we consider loyal, part of this group,” said KG. 

Kevin Garnett on meeting up with Ray Allen at NBA75. 

This past All-Star weekend saw Kevin Garnett in high spirits with his former Celtics teammate, Paul Pierce, as expected. What was unexpected was seeing KG dap up Ray Allen and proceed to take a picture with him at the NBA75 celebrations.

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Kendrick Perkins, who was on those Celtics teams with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, sat down with ‘The Big Ticket’ and asked him about this interaction that he had with the former Buck. 

According to Garnett, them interacting with one another came about very naturally and it did not feel forced. Allen was the one who approached KG and eventually, the two, along with Pierce, embraced and subsequently caught up with each other.

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