Roger Goodell negotiating contract extension to remain NFL commissioner for foreseeable future, per report

Roger Goodell

Rumors of the departure of Roger Goodell may have been greatly exaggerated. There was speculation recently that the longtime NFL commissioner was likely to pass the baton in the near future, but it looks as if the opposite could be true. Goodell is reportedly in talks with the league and team owners to remain on in his current role as commissioner for the foreseeable future, with a fourth contract extension believed to be on track to land in the next few months — per The Sports Business Journal.

“He’s at the top of his game right now,” one anonymous owner reportedly said. “Why would we want him walking out the door?”

That said, the league itself disputes there are any ongoing talks to extend Goodell.

“There is no truth to this report,” said NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy.

Time will reveal which is true, but if Goodell is in fact open to another term as commissioner and the league (be it now or later) is mutually affectionate toward him, it would mean team owners as a whole truly do believe Goodell is going a great job at his position, despite very vocal public opinion to the contrary. The 62-year-old most recently signed a new deal in 2017, and it was officially noted by the league it would be Goodell’s last hoorah — likely also assuming the NFL would have located his successor by now.

It’s possible they haven’t, given how owners must approve of whomever they put forth as a candidate, and an inability to do so to this point would logically steer them back to Goodell for a few more laps around the track. His current deal is set to expire in 2024, and Ben Fischer of The Sports-Business Journal reports a fourth extension for Goodell would likely land between two to four years.

News of a possible extension comes at a pivotal time for the NFL, currently faced with damaging allegations from former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores of both Rooney Rule violations by the New York Giants (along with a suit citing retaliation by the Houston Texans) and intentional tanking attempts by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross; as well as U.S. Congress demanding answers in the matters of Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders.

All told, the league has a ton of work to do — both on (officiating concerns) and off of the field — and the NFL might view it as the worst possible time to change sheriffs, while many others believe the literal opposite.

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