“Russell Westbrook should stop shooting, like Draymond Green or Ben Simmons!”: Former Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor voices Laker Nation’s concerns regarding Brodie’s inefficient shooting

NBA writer Kevin O’Connor talks about Russell Westbrook and his inefficient shooting, how he needs to stop shooting the ball

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t having the season they would have thought about. After spending the offseason rebuilding their entire roster, the Lakers stacked up on a lot of veteran minimum contracts. They added Russell Westbrook, to form a big 3 with Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

All of their moves have resulted in a 26-28 record so far. The main issue for the Lakers is the lack of consistent performance by their players, especially their starters. LeBron James, who is in his 19th year, is having one of the best years statistically, and yet the Lakers cannot seem to capitalize on it. Russell Westbrook is having a hard time not being the primary ball-handler and is putting up the lowest numbers he’s had, since his sophomore year.

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The Laker fans can deal with Russ not putting up his extra-ordinary triple-double averages. However, they cannot deal with the shots he’s been taking and tanking.

Kevin O’Connor calls Russell Westbrook out on his poor shot selection

Russell Westbrook is shooting 43.7% from the field, and 30% from the deep this season. While these numbers aren’t particularly terrible, what’s bad about Westbrook’s shooting is the shot selection.

We’ve seen countless highlights of Russ taking shots and missing terribly, hitting the top of the backboard. He also has taken quite a few clutch shots he shouldn’t have and missed, which almost cost the Lakers, or cost them the game.

Kevin O’Connor decided to talk about the same, and address the issue on behalf of the Laker Nation.

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Using Draymond Green as an example isn’t the right choice here, to be honest. Green is smart with his shots and only attempts when he feels he can make them, or there is no better choice. Ben Simmons lost faith in his shooting and stopped altogether. Maybe Russ needs to learn a bit from the two, take only shots that he has faith in, and pass along if he doesn’t have 100% faith.


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