Seahawks’ DK Metcalf to train for 2024 Olympic Games when healthy: ‘It’s gonna happen’

DK Metcalf is taking a page out of Tyreek Hill’s book as it relates to the Olympics. The latter has routinely been labeled the fastest man in the NFL and, as such, believes he can compete on the track at an international level. Hill has yet to begin training to try and see that fulfilled, but Metcalf plans on doing more moving forward with his dream of chasing a medal. The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver recently revealed his plans to train for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

“Yea, for sure [it’s a legitimate goal of mine],” Metcalf told Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report. “I’m not just running just to run. I can do that on a track somewhere. I’m trying to go to the Olympics.”

Of course, there’s a hitch in Metcalf’s plan, considering he underwent a procedure in January to remove a screw from his foot that was placed there in a previous surgery. 

“I’m in a boot right now so I can’t do too much,” he said. “But, next year, I’m gonna start back training for it every offseason — training for the 100-meter, or the 60-meter, whichever one I decide to do. And then, in 2024, you’ll see me again.

“For sure, it’s gonna happen.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the Seahawks feel about Metcalf’s plan to train for the Olympic games in each offseason to come, as opposed to allowing his body to rest and recover from the brutality of a long NFL season, prior to then training for the next one. But after running a blazing 4.2-second 40-yard dash at his NFL Scouting Combine appearance in 2019, he feels he has a very real chance of having a shot at grabbing an Olympic medal in the next two years, and he’s going for it.

The difference between Olympic track speed and NFL speed has been roundly debated for decades, punctuated by the ability of “Bullet Bob” Hayes to translate his gold-medal speed (1964) into an Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys (1965-1974). It bears mentioning that Hayes achieved the Olympic pinnacle prior to joining the NFL, however, whereas Metcalf is looking to do the inverse, and is far removed from any kind of competitive track events; and that could wildly increase his level of difficulty as he’ll also be subject to winning qualifiers before he’d be allowed to represent the U.S. in France.

That said, it will be fun to watch him give it a go, especially considering just how freakishly athletic he is.

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