“Shaq, I don’t mean diving into the stands for nachos!”: Charles Barkley hilariously roasted the Lakers legend on NBAonTNT for claiming he dove in the stands for the ball

Shaq and Charles Barkley hilariously get into it on NBAonTNT when the latter roasts him for diving on the floor for the ball 

Shaq and Charles Barkley have perhaps the greatest on-screen chemistry between any two former players we’ve ever seen in NBA history. The two weren’t exactly the best of pals when on the court together in the 1990s, even getting into a fight on the hardwood after Barkley hilariously threw the basketball at Shaq’s head.  

They carried that same energy off the court however after the 4x champ joined the set of ‘Inside the NBA’ alongside Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith, Ernie Johnson, and of course, Charles Barkley. From the get go, both Hall-of-Fame big-men went at each other with no remorse.

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Chuck would poke fun at how he believes O’Neal to be quite dumb with the way he sounds (especially after he said the moon is closer to the studio than Los Angeles) and Shaq continuously reminds him that he has 0 rings to his 4. 

Charles Barkley and Shaq get into it for the millionth time on NBAonTNT. 

The running gag that both Shaq and Chuck are overweight is one that has persisted throughout NBAonTNT for over a decade. The fact that Chuck has professed his love for donuts on every other edition of ‘Inside the NBA’ hasn’t helped in suppressing these joke either. 

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In this particular moment between the two NBA legends, O’Neal flexes on the rest of the TNT crew about diving into the stands for loose balls to help recover them. Charles Barkley hilariously interjects and asks Shaq, “When did you dive in the stands? I don’t mean for nachos, I meant for the basketball.” 

We might have to give ‘The Big Aristotle’ the win here as he was notorious for leaping into fans in the front row to try to get the ball to not go out of bounds.  

Perhaps the most iconic clip from such an instance was him on the Phoenix Suns going after the ball, resulting in an immediate clearing of the bench in fear. 

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