“Shaquille O’Neal, you’re the only guy who can’t begin a barbeque session if you don’t have the sauce!” : When ‘Inside the NBA’ crew won 25,000 dollars on Celebrity Family Feud

Shaquille O’Neal completed life and is doing side quests right now – His appearance on the Celebrity Family Feud is just that

Shaq alongside his Inside the NBA posse played the celebrity version of the popular game show hosted by Steve Harvey in 2018. A game show where the top answer has to be guessed to win the most points, Shaq and Chuck rolled on to the final round with ease.

The final round, the fast money as it is called is a tough one since many of the contestants crack under pressure. People have gotten 0’s for a lot of the questions. but Shaq and Charles Barkley were on their A-game. In their true comic fashion, both the giants had some funny quips throughout.

Barkley went first, knocking it out of the park in his five questions. The questions focused on day-to-day activities and not just sports to make sure it was difficult enough to keep it interesting.

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Shaquille O’Neal knocked it out of the park – building on the strong foundation of Charles Barkley

The questions may have been toned down since the money is for charity, but it did not stop Shaq and Chuck from going at it with full steam. Chuck went for a cool 134 out of 200, answering all questions with ease in 20 seconds.

Shaq, towering over a 6’2 Steve Harvey was cool as a cucumber answering all of his questions too. The chemistry between him and Charles Barkley was not amiss, with them answering similarly for the last two questions. Talk about being in sync!

The best part about the whole quiz was Shaq’s answer to the question – “what do you need to start a barbeque?” Any person would have said grill, meat, or charcoal, but Shaq told out loud that he would not start grilling without the Barbeque sauce! He must have been channeling his inner Gordon Ramsay when he said that: (WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE!!)

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