“Shut LeBron James Down!”: Kendrick Perkins is tired of watching the Lakers superstar play in blowout losses on a nightly basis

Kendrick Perkins feels sad for LeBron James, and he has every right to be

Even in his 19th year, LeBron James has to be the main scorer of his team. At the age of 37, LeBron hovers around the top end of the scoring charts, 3 games behind Joel Embiid in total 30 point games. Rob Pelinka made a huge mistake trading away whatever young players he had left to bring in people who can’t run suicides anymore.

James has been ravaged by injuries in the past 4 years – father time has slowly caught up to him. That has not taken away any of his abilities on the court still – only his availability to play games. Even against the Clippers, he played with an injured knee. James wants to help in any way he can because he’s rarely missed the playoffs in his life.

Tonight’s loss in the Battle of LA puts the Lakers one more step away from playoff contention. It should not be called the battle of LA anymore, the Clippers winning 8 straight. All of this while the Clips have played without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Ty Lue has made the Clippers a much better team than their city counterparts.

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LeBron James knows he’s close to becoming the highest point scorer ever – That is the reason why he keeps pushing for points

LeBron puts up a confident facade, but he knows he assembled the wrong team. He knows the media would rip him to shreds if he threw his team under the bus. He’s quietly gone about getting his stats up because the ring chasing is over. He’s way too old to be the center point of a team anymore, and in his mind, he’s almost done everything he can to cement his legacy.

While catching Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan on rings may be out, moving above Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would make his name stay at the top forever. There is no one in the league currently who looks like they could do what he’s done on a nightly basis for 20+ years.

King James knows if he crosses Karl Malone this year, the top spot falls next season. He’s doing everything in his power to make sure he gets there sooner rather than later.

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