“Since Kyrie Irving promised vengeance at the All-Star Break, Brooklyn Nets are 1-5”: The former champion fails to back his tall claims, with the Nets falling below +500

Post Kyrie Irving’s sensational claim during the All-Star break, the Brooklyn Nets are 1-5.

The Brooklyn Nets are in a panic mode, having slipped from the first seed to the ninth since the 3rd week of January. Despite Kevin Durant’s return, the Nets have failed to return to winning ways. Nonetheless, the team continues to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Though many believed that the Nets won the James HardenBen Simmons trade, the situation on the hardwood suggests something else. Kyrie Irving’s anti-vaccination controversy continues to be an issue for the team. There is still no update on when Ben Simmons would suit up for the Nets.

Since 21st January, the Steve Nash coached team is 3-17 and has dropped from the first to the ninth seed. The Nets have fallen below +500 and most likely find themselves in the play-in tournament. These stats are contrary to Irving’s claim during the ASG break.

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The former champion had warned the league of the newly revamped Nets ahead of the ASG break.

The 9th seed Brooklyn Nets are 1-5 since the All-Star break.

The Nets have failed to deliver with constant injuries, different lineups, and controversies surrounding the team. Durant and co looked undefeatable on paper, especially when Harden was in the lineup. However, there is a lack of consistency in many aspects of the franchise.

On 21st January, the Nets were 29-16, currently holding a 32-33 record. However, post-Harden departing to Philadelphia, Irving was confident the team would make a solid comeback, making the following statement.

It is almost impossible for Nash and his men to win it all this season. There is too much pressure on the shoulders of KD, with Irving only available on road games and no update on Simmons’ return. The term uncertainty sits perfectly with the Nets.

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Anything short of an NBA Finals would be a bust for the Nets, given the plethora of talent on the team.


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