“Something in that Akron water!”: Warriors’ Stephen Curry posts reaction after breaking three-point record with 16 threes during the All-Star game

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry reacts after making an incredible 16 threes in the All-Star game in Cleveland


Sooooo… is Stephen Curry FINALLY Stephen Curry again?

Fans around the NBA were all waiting for this moment. But, it’d also be a lie to say that some were a bit scared that he would never quite be the same player again.

Then, the Warriors star appeared to try and slow things down for himself a bit, taking less crazy, Curry-land shots. Heck, the man was taking less threes in general, and it seemed to be working, as the man averaged just over 43% from deep in the last 5 games prior to the All-Star weekend. And then things got crazy.

50 points, on 17 of 30 from the field (56.7%), and more importantly, 16 of 27 from beyond the arc.

As you can probably see from the YouTube clip above, these weren’t any normal threes either. These were vintage, 2016 Unanimous MVP season, heck even 2020-21 season Stephen Curry threes.

After such an incredible night, it seems the man just couldn’t stop himself from expressing himself on social media, Twitter, more specifically.

And THAT is exactly why we’re here today. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Stephen Curry thanks Cleveland for its reception of him during All-Star weekend on Twitter

Just saying, the highest number of three-pointers ever hit in a game, were by Klay Thompson at 14. Topping that number would have been absurd by itself. But, to do it while you’ve only just started to recover from a shooting slump?

That is some godly stuff right there.

Despite it all, however, the man continued to stay loyal, reacting to it all with the following tweet on social media.

This shooting night from the greatest shooter of all time was frankly an absolute treat to watch. Now, we only hope he can keep this going when the regular season’s second half commences.

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