“Steph Curry is not the Michael Jordan of this era”: Chris Broussard disagrees with Kevin Garnett on the Warriors superstar being the GOAT of this era

Kevin Garnett and Chris Broussard having differing opinions on Steph Curry being the Michael Jordan of this era in the NBA. 

When it comes to dominating all 48 minutes of a game, no one holds a candle to Michael Jordan. LeBron James is the consensus (for the most part) second greatest player of all time because of his ability to emulate what Jordan did in terms of dominance. However, in another aspect of the game, Steph Curry could be on Jordan’s level. 

Of course, when it comes to playing both ends of the floor, Curry can’t be compared to the 9x All-Defensive team guard. However, when comparing what they did for the game?

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Michael Jordan helped globalize the game to a level that Magic and Larry couldn’t achieve; combining skills from past legends to become a ‘super-athlete’ of sorts. Steph Curry did the same. Imagining a player with Ray Allen’s 3-point accuracy mixed with AI’s handles would be quite the cheat code and Curry is close to what that player would be. 

All in all, Jordan and Curry changed the game and, in that aspect, are similar. The 1990s were dictated by what Michael did and the same goes for the 2010s for the Davidson alum. 

No comparison between Michael Jordan and Steph Curry, says Broussard. 

While talking about Andrew Wiggins and his new found All-Star role with the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Garnett made a passing comment about how the former no. 1 overall pick is playing with the ‘Michael Jordan’ of his era in reference to Michael Jordan.

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Chris Broussard, as expected, did not agree with KG on this take of his saying: 

“There’s no Jordan of this generation. No one is dominating the game the way Michael Jordan did. No one is leading the league in scoring every year and then winning the championship 6 years. There have been three 3-peats since Bill Russell and Jordan has 2 of them. No one, LeBron, Steph, KD, no one is dominating the game the way Jordan did.” 

Broussard would go on to say that if there was any player of this generation who could be compared to Michael Jordan, it be the 4x champ and MVP, LeBron James. 

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