“Stephen Curry is no long a 3-point shooter!”: Head Coach Steve Kerr jokes about the Warriors’ MVP after his brilliant all-round performance against the Dallas Mavericks

Warriors’ Head Coach Steve Kerr jokes about Stephen Curry after the win over the Mavericks, claims that Curry is no longer a 3-point shooter

The past few weeks haven’t been the best for you, if your name is Stephen Curry. Building up to the 3-point record, Steph’s shooting from the deep went for a tumble. However, many dismissed it and claimed that it was just nerves. However, it has been a month and 10 days since Curry broke Ray Allen‘s record, and we still haven’t seen him shoot like, well, Steph.

Even though his shots from the deep aren’t falling, it’s not like Steph is having bad games. He’s averaging 25.8 points, grabbing 5.4 rebounds, and dishing 6.2 assists, while recording 1.4 steals a game. Tonight, in the win over the Mavericks, Steph got into his mid-range bag and shot 5/6 from the same.

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While his mid-range game was impressive, his 3-point shot was again just 2/10.

“We’ll have to get the ball in the paint to Stephen Curry”: Steve Kerr

It was recently pointed out by Steph himself, there is nothing wrong with him physically, and the slump is something he needs to deal with on his own. The team knows that, and they’re not putting any additional pressure on their superstar.

After the game, Steve Kerr talked to the media, where he joked about his star. Steve said that ‘Steph is no longer a 3-point shooter’ and that they’d look to feed him the ball in the paint from the next game.

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Kerr also talked about how Steph has been doing a little bit of everything and contributing to the team’s wins. The team is winning without Steph putting inhuman numbers from the deep, and that’s something the coach was happy about.

While it’s hard to see Steph miss from the deep, we as fans need to be patient. Curry knows what he’s doing, and he’ll be back, in his own time.

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