“Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and I are among the greatest trios in NBA History!”: Warriors’ Draymond Green talks about the Dubs trio, how they’re all equally important for each another

Warriors’ Draymond Green talks to JJ Redick about the Dubs trio, discusses Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and himself

When one thinks of the Golden State Warriors, more often than not, the first thing that comes to mind is Stephen Curry. If you think more about the Dubs, two players make their way to the platform with Steph: Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

This trio has changed the way that basketball is played in the NBA, and all around the world. Together, they have three championships, and countless achievements under their belts. However, things could have been different back in 2015, when Draymond Green hit free agency. Initially, Draymond Green was being offered at max 7-8 million per year by the Dubs, whereas he was getting more from Detriot and Boston. However, the Dubs decided to take a chance on Green and signed him on a 5-year, $82 million deal. The rest, as they say, is history.

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“Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson wouldn’t be the same without me”: Draymond Green

On his time on the ‘Old Man and the Three’, Draymond Green talked about how things could have been totally different if he’d taken up an offer on another team. He also then went on to say that he wouldn’t be as successful anywhere else. Green continued and added that he doesn’t think Klay and Steph would have been as successful as they are if he wasn’t in the equation.

Green then went on to talk about how he truly believes him, Steph, and Klay are one of the greatest trios in NBA History. Unlike other trios, these three do not put up the stats on a nightly basis, but they win. And with all that they’ve accomplished, Green isn’t off.

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The trio was drafted by the Warriors, and they’ve spent their entire career in the Bay. During this time, they grew into the basketball players they are today, and found ways to win. With their dominance over the last decade, I, personally have to agree with Green. They fall in my Top 10 greatest trios of all time easily.

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