“Stephen Curry, you gotta stop leaving popcorn everywhere!”: Ayesha Curry and Steph take Buzzfeed’s relationship test, give some really surprising answers

Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry head over to Buzzfeed to take their Relationship Test, surprise us with the answers

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry are one of the most loved NBA couples. The two have proven to the rest of the world just how much one can accomplish with a solid support system. Steph has become one of the best basketball players in the world, and Top 75 all-time. On the other hand, Ayesha has had multiple successful endeavors, with her cooking shows, and her books.

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The couple now co-host the latest HBO Max game show named ‘About Last Night’. Last week, they were on Buzzfeed Celeb’s YouTube channel, where they were taking the Relationship Test together. It is a quiz that Buzzfeed conducts for couples, to see which partner knows the other one better. In this edition, Ayesha Curry took the dub, as she scored one point higher than Steph, who did not mind this small defeat.

“Lil Baby’s A** go Superstar is my go-to song when I’m down”: Stephen Curry

There was a lot of information shared on this certain test, which makes the fans feel closer to Steph and Ayesha. We got to know that Sonya Curry calls Steph ‘ET’, whereas Ayesha’s mom calls her ‘Ishi loves’.

The two discussed their pet peeves as well. Ayesha took this first, where Steph assumed it would be his nail-biting. Ayesha said it was his habit of leaving popcorn everywhere. Talking about Ayesha, Steph said it was her habit of leaving the closet so messy.

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Something that surprised me was Steph’s go-to song whenn he’s feeling low. While he struggled to remember Ayesha’s song’s name, she took no time in guessing what her husband’s go-to song would be. She guessed Tauren Wells’ ‘Hills and Valleys’, which Steph refused because he’s happy while listening to it, as it’s Canon‘s song. He then went on to share that it was Lil Baby’s ‘Superstar’ which cuts it for him. Well, that had Ayesha and me both shook.

Anyways, it was cute to see the couple together and knowing each other so well.

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