“Stop defending Russell Westbrook, after you insulted him yourself, Magic Johnson! : NBA Twitter tears into the Lakers legend hypocritical tweet in defense of the Brodie

Magic Johnson has always been critical of Russell Westbrook – now that he has publicly put out a statement, he’s spun on his head

Russell Westbrook has been openly criticized by every player, fan, and sportscaster alike this season. With lackluster performances and simple turnovers costing the Lakers the game on multiple occasions, Westbrook has been subject to the “Westbrick” chant quite often.

The chant was only limited to the internet, but it has now caught up to the live public. People are chanting it in games now, to his face. They say it to his kids and wife, which is crazy. Magic Johnson had a few words to say about this, and no one on the internet can take him seriously.

Magic has been overtly critical of Westbrook for the longest time, but only after a public statement by Russell has Magic decided to switch stories.

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Magic Johnson was a great player – but has been a terrible front office man for the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have drafted well in the recent past, but could not keep a hold of their young core – they only have Talen Horton-Tucker to show for. Much of this can be credited to Magic Johnson, who started the trend by trading away D’Angelo Russell. A lot of fans agree with the sentiment of him being inept because they are digging up his old tweets.

The fact that he called Brodie the worst PG in NBA finals history, and is now calling for sympathy does not sit right with the Laker faithful. They may be the ones hurling racial epithets at the Lakers man right now, but they do not accept hypocrisy either.

Magic was caught saying Westbrick on live television, so he has no right to ask the fans to be careful with what they say.

Russell and Nina Westbrook have been open in saying they can’t bring their kids to home games because their kids get abused too. It is one thing to criticize a player, but coming after their family is below the belt.

Russell Westbrook brought this situation all on himself, and he is the one who needs to completely take the onus for it. Yes, he deserves all the criticism, but his family and kids do not.

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