“Stop!! putting the Lakers and Knicks on national television”: Former LeBron James teammate Channing Frye sends out a plea to ESPN, ABC, and TNT

Former Cavaliers player Channing Frye appeals to the broadcasting giants not to have the games of the Lakers and Knicks nationally televised.

Two of the biggest markets in the USA, LA and New York, are home to some of the most globally popular sports franchises in the Lakers and Knicks. These two iconic teams are known for their large and loyal fan bases. Thus they assure a certain amount of fixed viewership.

However, the Lakers and the Knicks have been unable to capitalize on this, given their performances this season. While the Lakers are eight games below +500, the Knicks are thirteen games below and may not even find themselves in the play-in tournament.

Though the footfalls at and Madison Square Garden continue, there has been a growing noise to have these teams removed from nationally televised prime-time slots. It’s time small market franchises like the Grizzlies and Bucks receive their due.

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Recently, Channing Frye, who won a championship with LeBron James in Cleveland, tweeted about having games of the Lakers and Knicks removed from national television.

Stop putting the Lakers and Knicks on national television: Channing Frye.

There seems to be a growing tension in both the Lakers’ and Knicks’ respective camps. Both the organizations are dealing with internal issues involving the players and management. If this was not enough, the fans have begun voicing their displeasure by booing their teams during games.

The Lakers currently hold a 27-35 record and are the 9th seed in the western conference. Nonetheless, the purple and gold team continues to have their games nationally televised via ESPN, ABC, and TNT. With the latest game against the Warriors is to be televised on ABC.

The situation in New York seems worse, with the Knicks holding a 25-38 record. They are the 12th seed in the eastern conference and out of the play-in contention.

While the Lakers are on a four-game losing streak, the Knicks have not won in their last seven consecutive outings. Thus Frye makes a valid case and tweeted about the same as well.

In what many believe, teams like the Grizzlies, Mavericks, Hawks, and Bucks could be a great replacement, boasting talents like Ja Morant, Trae Young, and Luka Doncic.

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Though LeBron continues to be the most popular player globally, it’s time to give the younger stars an opportunity to at least test their acceptance worldwide.



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