“Stop with the fake love Cuffs the Legend, we don’t get down like that at all!”: Isaiah Thomas scuffs off LeBron James’ close friend on Twitter as he congratulates him for Hornets debut

Isaiah Thomas is back in action with a 10-day contract once again but he doesn’t want fake people celebrating him even if it’s LeBron James close confidant.

Isaiah Thomas was once many basketball fans’ favorite point guard in the game, and many of them were not necessarily Boston Celtics fans either. The 2x All-Star won numerous hearts in his year 2-year stint with Boston but pretty much ended his All-Star career then and there.

Since the hip injuries he carried and aggregated in the 2017 Finals, the man’s career has gone downhill pretty quickly. After multiple short stints for different teams including the Cavaliers and the Lakers between 2017 and 2020, the 5’9 guard found himself without a team after playing for the Pelicans for a 10-day contract in April 2021.

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But one of the best late picks of all time, Thomas did get a chance again in the form of 10-day contracts as teams started suffering a shortage of players due to COVID-19 protocols earlier this season.

He started it with his first contract with the Lakers in December 2021, where he signed for the team and had an immediate impact on his debut.

But for some reason, a team that struggles on all ends of the floor, including shot creation, didn’t extend his stay. And now that he’s got a job in Charlotte, maybe he doesn’t like anybody associated with the LA team to get on the praise train after his yet another impactful debut.

Isaiah Thomas scuffs off LeBron James’ friend Cuffs the Legend

The Hornets signed Thomas to a short deal after 3 tremendous outings with the Denver Nuggets’ NBA G-League affiliate, the Grand Rapids Gold, where he scored 42, 45, and 46 points in consecutive matches. The last one came up against Hornets’ G League associates, the Greensboro Swarm.

Some way to get noticed, isn’t it? Score almost 50-points on a team and get them interested, IT is old school. He delivered once again on his 10-contract debut.

But he’s old school when it comes to exchanging compliments as well, the man went off on LBJ’s friend on Twitter. Cuffs was embarrassed enough by IT’s response to delete his Tweet.

But do you believe NBA Twitter would miss this? They wouldn’t.

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LeBron stans will say Isaiah is sour because it didn’t work out for him multiple times they played together, once in Cleveland in 2017, then in LA in 2018 and then the 10-day earlier this season.

It most certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the King but only with LeBron’s “NBA insider” friend, who is also a part of James’ “The Shop” show on occasions. The man doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to social media.



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