Super Bowl 2022, odds, props: Best bets for Rams vs. Bengals, including Joe Burrow, Cooper Kupp and halftime

We’re inching closer to kickoff of Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. As sports gambling continues to become legalized throughout the country, this is expected to be one of the most wagered Super Bowls in history. Of course, some of that action will roll simply on the outcome of this game including the spread along with the total. That said, we know that it’s props that get the people going. 

Betting on those different subplots makes the Super Bowl — and any game for that matter — that much more enjoyable, especially when you’re able to cash. In regards to that latter point, let this be your tool to help you hit on every single one of your props this year. Below, we have collected up all of the prop picks from our experts at CBS Sports along with SportsLine to keep you on the sharp side of things during Super Bowl LVI. 

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports wagering event of the season and sportsbooks offer hundreds of different props involving what happens before (the national anthem), during (who will score first and last?), and after (MVP, color of the Gatorade bath, etc.) the big game. Naturally, trying to predict all of those different outcomes is a pretty daunting task. Or at least it was. 

SportsLine’s Super Bowl Props Guide is now LIVE and includes almost 100 prop picks from our experts, simulation model, and research team. Just click the link to sign up to receive the full guide in your inbox!

Rams props

Matthew Stafford first completion Under 7.5 yards (+100)

“I have to be honest, the juice on this prop confuses me. Stafford’s first completions in each playoff game haven’t gone for more than six yards. I envision a five-yard out route by Cooper Kupp, or a slant that goes for six yards.” — CBS Sports NFL writer Jordan Dajani on why this prop is one of his favorites on the board

Jordan also shared his other early prop picks, including his position on what the first score of the game will be and whether there will be a second-half lead change, in his Friday column.

Cooper Kupp longest reception Over 27.5 yards (-115)

“Do what you want to try to take away Cooper Kupp, but it’s unlikely to work. Despite Kupp quickly becoming the driving force of the Matthew Stafford-led passing attack this year, defenses have still surrendered a total of 23 receptions of at least 28 yards to the Rams’ No. 1 wideout. Five of those have come in the last five games, and that pace over the short- and long-term makes me think Kupp has well above a 55 percent chance of hitting one of those plays in this matchup. It also helps that Cincinnati has surrendered five pass plays of at least 30 yards in the last two weeks alone, with A.J. Brown notching three in the Divisional Round and the Chiefs picking up two in the AFC Championship Game. With all the targets Kupp should see, I love his odds for hitting this Over.” — R.J. White on why this is one of his favorite props for this year’s Super Bowl

White is one of 10 experts to share their top props over at SportsLine, and the list includes some impressive names who have excelled picking games and props over the short and long term. One expert even shared a 100-to-1 prop that’s worth a sprinkle! Check out all their picks over at SportsLine.

Bengals props

Joe Burrow Under 276.5 passing yards (-115)

SportsLine’s Projection Model simulates every NFL game 10,000 times and is up over $7,500 for $100 players on tap-rated NFL picks since its inception six-plus years ago. The model can also be used to crush prop picks. Last season, the player over-under prop picks went 389-310, returning over $3,000. After simulating Super Bowl LVI between the Rams and Bengals, the model projects that Burrow will go under 276.5 passing yards. Specifically, the model predicts Burrow will finish with just 250 yards passing on average. 

Of course, Burrow isn’t the only prop that the model is spitting out. It also says another star player goes over his total and has a plus-money prop payout that you’ll want to jump on immediately. To see that pick, you’ll have to head over to SportsLine

Joe Mixon Under 62.5 rushing yards (-120)

“Mixon had 88 rushing yards against the Chiefs and 65 rushing yards against the Ravens in Week 16. But in his six other games going back to November, he’s been at 58 rushing yards or less. And in three playoff games, the most rushing yards the Rams have allowed was 51 to Leonard Fournette in the divisional round.” — CBS Sports Senior Fantasy Writer Jamey Eisenberg on why he is taking the under on Mixon’s rushing yards. 

Eisenberg also rolled out four different DFS lineups for the Super Bowl along with a handful of other prop picks. Click here to check those out. 

Ja’Marr Chase Over 5.5 receptions (-135)

“Chase has at least six receptions in four of the past five games in which he’s played the majority of snaps with a catch rate of 77.6% in those five. It’s also not a foreign concept for the Rams to allow six or more catches to a wideout — they’ve allowed as much in seven of their past eight games, and usually to outside receivers like Chase. The rookie has seen his target share dip below 20% just three times in his last nine overall and five times all season … not that anyone’s expecting him to NOT be part of the Bengals game plan. I doubt that Jalen Ramsey’s presence will scare off Joe Burrow from throwing to his prized receiver, especially on short-area routes like many of the ones he’s corralled lately as his average route depth has cratered from 9.8 yards in Weeks 1 through 8 to 8.2 yards from Week 9 on.” — CBS Senior Fantasy Writer Dave Richard on why he likes Chase going over his receptions total as one of his best bets. 

Richard also shared two other prop picks in his Tuesday column, which includes another Bengals receiver hitting the over on his receiving yards prop.

Game props

Super Bowl MVP: Aaron Donald (+1800)

“I am picking the Rams to beat the Bengals in this game, but I’m also going with a long shot to win MVP — Aaron Donald. The Rams’ star defensive lineman currently owns the sixth-best odds to win Super Bowl MVP at +1800 at Caesars Sportsbook, which makes sense given that he’s a defensive player and these awards are typically given out to those on the offensive side of the ball and specifically the quarterback. However, Donald is a clear mismatch for the Bengals’ mediocre offensive line and can wreck the game on his own. 

“As a team, the Rams were the top-graded pressure unit in the NFL and the Bengals O-line just allowed Joe Burrow to feel pressure on over 40% of his dropbacks in the AFC Championship. I expect that lackluster play upfront to continue with Cincinnati, which opens the door for Donald to have a multi-sack game and put himself on the inside track for Super Bowl MVP.” — Tyler Sullivan on why he is rolling with Aaron Donald as his Super Bowl MVP pick in his bold predictions column from earlier in the week. Sullivan also has two other bold predictions, which includes a monster performance form a Bengals receiver.

Entertainment props

Coin toss pick: Tails (+100)

“Some bettors believe ‘tails never fails,’ and while that’s not true, it’s failed less than heads in Super Bowl history. Of the 55 Super Bowls to date, tails has come up 29 times versus just 26 for heads, which has hit in three of the last four Super Bowls. A strange trend has emerged involving the coin toss as well, as the winner of the toss has lost the Super Bowl every year since Super Bowl XLIV in 2014. While that trend isn’t going to be predictive moving forward, it’s an interesting footnote to what happens just before the game kicks off.” — R.J. White on why he is picking tails for the coin toss before Super Bowl LVI. 

White also detailed some fascinating coin toss-related stats to back his pick and revealed what he believes the winner will chose to do with the ball. To read those nuggets, go check out SportsLine.

National anthem 

“As it relates to [Mickey] Guyton and her upcoming performance, the recent trends do point to this going long. However, there are at least two previous performances on record that fell under this current prop. Most notably, Guyton sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the National Memorial Day Concert last May. That rendition flew by with a run time of 1:23. Back in 2015 at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, Guyton also quickly sang the anthem, clocking in at around 1:30. I expect Guyton to keep that same pace, which has us leaning under. The last performer to sing the anthem under 1:38 was Kelly Clarkson before Super Bowl XLVI.” — Tyler Sullivan on why he is leaning under on the run time of the national anthem

CBS Sports fantasy and gambling editor R.J White has consistently delivered on his high volume of picks over the long-term, returning $2,652 to $100 bettors on more than 800 against-the-spread picks since the start of the 2017 season. Now, White has made his pick for the national anthem, and he’s has found key reason why he’s on one side of this bet. Go visit SportLine to see which way White is leaning! 

Halftime show

SportsLine’s R.J. White has cashed huge twice in the Las Vegas SuperContests, the world’s most prestigious football handicapping competition. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to learn that he is SportsLine’s No. 1 NFL expert, and he has now made a number of picks related to this year’s halftime show featuring Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. Head on over to SportsLine to see who he has performing first, how may songs will be played, and much more. 

SportsLine Props Guide

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in sports each year, but off the field, it’s also the biggest sports wagering event of the season. Sportsbooks offer hundreds and sometimes even more than a thousand props involving what happens before (like the national anthem), during (who will score first and last?) and after (the game MVP and color of the Gatorade bath, for example) the big game. But how do you know which side to take with so much available that has to do with the big game? Will the opening kickoff be a touchback? Will the game be tied after 0-0? What’s the coin toss record all-time?

We answer those questions and plenty more in SportsLine’s Props Guide, with almost 100 prop picks from our experts, simulation model and research team. You’ll get stat projections for Matthew Stafford, Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Cooper Kupp and other key players as well as the expected final score from the SportsLine Projection Model; top prop picks from some of SportsLine’s top NFL experts; information on key trends involving both teams and many of the props on offer from sportsbooks; and more.

Sign up to have the SportsLine Props Guide delivered straight to your inbox and get the edge you need in the run up to the big game. While you need to read the guide to see all the picks, the lines for every prop are listed below. All odds are courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook and subject to change:

  • Joe Burrow O/U 273.5 passing yards
  • Joe Burrow O/U 1.5 passing touchdowns
  • Joe Burrow O/U 24.5 completions
  • Joe Burrow O/U 36.5 pass attempts
  • Joe Burrow O/U 0.5 interceptions
  • Joe Burrow longest completion O/U 38.5 yards
  • Joe Burrow O/U 11.5 rush yards
  • Joe Mixon O/U 16.5 rushing attempts
  • Joe Mixon O/U 63.5 rushing yards
  • Joe Mixon O/U 3.5 receptions
  • Joe Mixon O/U 25.5 receiving yards
  • Joe Mixon O/U 93.5 rushing + receiving yards
  • Joe Mixon anytime TD +102
  • Tee Higgins O/U 5.5 receptions
  • Tee Higgins O/U 69.5 receiving yards
  • Tee Higgins longest reception O/U 24.5 yards
  • Matthew Stafford O/U 278.5 passing yards
  • Matthew Stafford O/U 1.5 passing touchdowns
  • Matthew Stafford O/U 24.5 completions
  • Matthew Stafford O/U 35.5 pass attempts
  • Matthew Stafford O/U 0.5 interceptions
  • Matthew Stafford longest completion O/U 38.5 yards
  • Matthew Stafford O/U 5.5 rush yards
  • Cam Akers O/U 16.5 rushing attempts
  • Cam Akers O/U 62.5 rushing yards
  • Cam Akers O/U 2.5 receptions
  • Cam Akers O/U 14.5 receiving yards
  • Cam Akers O/U 81.5 rushing + receiving yards
  • Cam Akers anytime TD +116
  • Cooper Kupp O/U 8.5 receptions
  • Cooper Kupp O/U 102.5 receiving yards
  • Cooper Kupp longest reception O/U 27.5 yards
  • Odell Beckham O/U 5.5 receptions
  • Odell Beckham O/U 64.5 receiving yards
  • Odell Beckham longest reception O/U 23.5 yards

Super Bowl MVP

  • Matthew Stafford (+120)
  • Joe Burrow (+220)
  • Cooper Kupp (+700)
  • Ja’Marr Chase (+1200)
  • Odell Beckham Jr. (+1600)
  • Aaron Donald (+1800)
  • All others +2500 or higher 

Other prop bets

First half odds: Los Angeles -3 (-105) | Cincinnati +3 (-115)
Q1: Los Angeles -0.5 (+105) | Cincinnati +0.5 (-125) 
Q2: Los Angeles -0.5 (-115) | Cincinnati +0.5 (-105)
Q3: Los Angeles -0.5 (+105) | Cincinnati +0.5 (-125)
Q4: Los Angeles -0.5 (-105) | Cincinnati +0.5 (-115)

Coin toss result: Heads (+100) | Tails (+100)
Will opening kickoff be a touchback? Yes (-190) | No (+160)
Will there be a score in the first 5 1/2 minutes? Yes (+120) | No (-150)
First team to score: Los Angeles (-135) | Cincinnati (+115)
First score of game will be: Touchdown (-170) | Field goal/safety (+140)
Team with first charged timeout: Los Angeles (-120) | Cincinnati (-110)

Score in last 3 1/2 minutes of fourth quarter: Yes (-160) | No (+130)
Team to score last in game: Los Angeles (-120) | Cincinnati (-110)
Last score of game will be: Touchdown (-170) | Field goal/safety (+140)
Last play of game will be a QB rush: Yes (-220) | No (+180)
More points will be scored in: First half (+100) | Second half/overtime (-130)
Total TDs in game: Over 5.5 (-120) | Under 5.5 (+100)
Longest TD scored in game: Over 42.5 yards (-115) | Under 42.5 yards (-115)
Team to score longest TD: Los Angeles (-120) | Cincinnati (-110)
Shortest TD scored in game: Over 1.5 yards (+130) | Under 1.5 yards (-160)
Will there be three unanswered scores in game: Yes (-210) | No (+175)
Successful two-point conversion in game: Yes (+260) | No (-330)
Total field goals made in game: Over 3.5 (+130) | Under 3.5 (-160)
Longest made field goal: Over 47.5 yards (-115) | Under 47.5 yards (-115)
Shortest made field goal: Over 27.5 yards (-120) | Under 27.5 yards (-110)
Both teams with a 35-yard or longer field goal: Yes (+100) | No (-130)

Largest lead in game: Over 14.5 (-115) | Under 14.5 (-115)
Will game be tied after 0-0: Yes (-110) | No (-120)
Total players with a pass attempt: Over 2.5 (+140) | Under 2.5 (-170)
Total net yards in game: Over 769.5 (-115) | Under 769.5 (-115)
Total third-down conversions in game: Over 10.5 (-115) | Under 10.5 (-115)
Successful fourth-down conversion: Yes (-360) | No (+280)
Total sacks by both teams: Over 5 (-115) | Under 5 (-115)
Total interceptions in game: Over 1.5 (-130) | Under 1.5 (+100)
Total punts in game: Over 6.5 (-130) | Under 6.5 (-100)
Will game go to overtime: Yes (+750) | No (-1200)
Will the team that scores last win game: Yes (-210) | No (+175)
Total match points odd/even: Even (+115) | Odd (-135)

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