“The Cleveland crowd really gon get Stephen Curry his first All-Star Game MVP!”: The Warriors’ superstar explodes for 24 first-half points, leads the MVP race

Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry took the Cleveland boos seriously, goes off for 8 triples in the first half 

When one thinks about Stephen Curry and all that he’s achieved, the list is quite long. However, two of the things that are missing from this impressive resume are All-Star Game MVP and Finals MVP. However, Steph is on course to change one of that tonight.

While Steph was being introduced as an All-Star starter, the Cleveland crowd yet again showered him with boos.

All the cheering from yesterday and today combined together, and well, Stephen Curry became the supernova we know he could be.

Curry went off for 24 points in the first half, leading all scorers. He shot 8/11 from the deep.

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Along with that, he has two blocks, the only two that have been recorded tonight. With his 8 triples, Curry now holds an NBA All-Star game record for most 3s in a half. He trails Paul George by 1, who holds the ASG 3 PM record with 9 triples.

NBA Twitter react to Stephen Curry and his outrageous first half

Looking historically, Stephen Curry hasn’t had the best performances at the All-Star Games. However, he can change the same tonight, if he keeps going the way he has. Curry went for 3-triples in a span of 56 seconds during the second quarter and knocked down all 3 of them.

NBA Twitter believes Steph can win his first MVP honors at the All-Star game tonight.

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Hopefully, Curry can come out in the 2nd half with the same fire. That way, he wins money for his charity and fills a missing piece of his impressive resume.

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