“The only thing higher than Allen Highverson right here is my blood glucose levels”: NBA Twitter troll the Sixers MVP for allegedly turning up baked for the Sixers-Suns game as he relishes a bucket of popcorn courtside

NBA Twitter erupts as Hall of Famer Allen Iverson looks baked as he visits the Sixers-Suns game in Philadelphia.

A generational talent, Allen Iverson, will go down as one of the most controversial players in NBA history. The Sixers legend made headlines both on and off the court. Regarded as a cultural icon, AI was the flag bearer for basketball aspirants who believed the NBA was only for big men.

However, AI wasn’t a big fan of authority which often got him into trouble. Whether it was his hip-hop dress code or his demeanor, Iverson developed a niche fan base for himself. Nonetheless, Iverson’s bold nature was a cause of his conflicts with several factions of the league.

The four-time scoring champion has faced a lot of heat due to his habit of smoking marijuana. Iverson was at the receiving end of a lot of name-callings. The eleven-time All-Star has led a difficult life since his childhood, having faced jail time for false charges of assault.

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Though AI has been vocal about smoking marijuana, social media never stops mocking him.

NBA Twitter troll Allen Iverson for allegedly turning up baked for the Sixers-Suns game.

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