“The Warriors are my favorite team to watch!”: Dwyane Wade explains why Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson aren’t the only reason he loves to watch the Dubs

NBA legend Dwyane Wade points out that the Warriors are his favorite team to watch, and the Splash Brothers aren’t the reason for the same

Tonight, the Golden State Warriors made their way back to the winning ways, with a triumphant win over the Dallas Mavericks. Even though the Dubs had won 3 out of their last 4 games before tonight, none of them had been convincing victories. That changed against Dallas, as they took on a red-hot Mavericks team, and beat them by 38 points.

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Tonight also marked Dwyane Wade’s return to NBA on TNT. After his successful time last season, the Heat legend was due for a return. He chose today as the time to do so. There were two spectacular games on the TNT Tuesday doubleheader. The first game was a battle between the Lakers and the Nets in Brooklyn, and the second was the bout between the Warriors and the Mavericks. During the half-time, Dwyane Wade talked about the Dubs, and why they’re his favorite team to watch.

Dwyane Wade loves watching the Warriors, and it’s not only because of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

Most of the fans who tune in nightly to watch the Warriors play, often do so for Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, or Draymond Green. However, Dwyane Wade does it for all three of them, and more. During the Warriors-Mavs half-time, he elaborated on why the Warriors are his favorite team to watch.

“Man, this is my favorite team to watch,” Wade said. “I really love watching Golden State play. Obviously getting Klay back makes them dangerous but as you guys just talked about, what I love about this team when I watch them is they play with force, they play with energy, and their role players — Shaq, as you know how some teams, you show up and their role players are going to do certain things, like he just going to shoot that shot and if you don’t got it, he’s going to move the ball — their role players are all live at all times.

“You can’t just focus on Klay and Steph, you have to worry about Gary Payton II, him cutting, what he’s going to do, you have to worry about Poole obviously shooting, shifty. They have so many guys and Steve Kerr and their coaching staff allow those guys to play basketball and not just be “role players.” And so I love watching this team play.”

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Earlier, Wade had admitted that he loves watching Steph Curry play. With the roster built to support the stars, Wade now finds the whole team entertaining, and loves watching them play.

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