“There are unvaccinated people in this building already!”: Kevin Durant presents his logic for Kyrie Irving to be able to play in New York for the Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant backed Kyrie Irving to the hilt in his latest statement about his Brooklyn Nets co-star’s Covid-19 vaccination status.

We’re all tired of the whole Kyrie Irving drama by this point, to be frank. His refusal to administer any Covid-19 vaccine has forced a lot of movement and thinking by several people in the Nets organization.

James Harden, who’s won 3 scoring titles, and whose addition was supposed to make them unbeatable, is now in Philly. In return, Sean Marks was able to net Ben Simmons and Seth Curry, who both open up the game for Kyrie and KD.

With Joe Harris out for the season and Patty Mills blowing hot and cold, they sorely needed the services of Seth. They’d be even better off if Ben Simmons was playing. Or, for that matter, if Kyrie Irving decided to administer any tried-and-tested vaccine that has demonstrably worked.

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Kevin Durant presents his logic for Kyrie Irving being able to play in New York

Kevin Durant could’ve had all the headlines for himself after dropping the second-highest score of his regular-season career. But as fate would have it, it was his teammate in street clothes who commanded all of the attention.

Mike Wilbon and Stephen A Smith were especially harsh on Kyrie Irving during their halftime show tonight. They went all in on the eccentric Nets star for his illogical anti-Covid-19 vaccine stance. But none of that will faze Kevin Durant, who stuck up for his teammate in his postgame interview with Malika Andrews:

“It’s ridiculous… At this point now someone is trying to make a statement or a point to flex their authority. There are unvaccinated people in this building already.”

However, he’s always held his stance firmly on this issue, and expecting it to change at this point is an exercise in futility. Kevin Durant might have said his part in talking about the merits of Kyrie getting vaccinated. Or he may not have.

Either way, his vaccination status is what it is, and the Nets could’ve moved on if it wasn’t for his obstinacy. If only people could pander less to people arguing out of the bounds of logic.

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