“They’d Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley and they still lost to them?”: When the 1992 Dream Team lost to a NCAA college team in a scrimmage before heading to the Barcelona Olympics

The 1992 Dream Team was the stuff of legends. It is the closest real-life team you could get to a video game roster.

The 1992 dream team had Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, and others to name a few. They were the Avengers before the Avengers became a thing. The Barcelona Olympics was not ready for the team to steamroll everyone that stood in their way. But before they became a juggernaut, they faced one team that beat the future Hall of Famers.

Coach Daley had arranged the Olympians to play NCAA college-level athletes. A match on any other day would be one-sided, but in this case, the college players won. They had players like Bobby Hurley and Chris Webber in their midst, who were easily able to beat their future peers.

Daley anticipated the exact output because this was the first time these behemoths of the game played together. They needed time to build chemistry, and it was better to build it before the tournament than during. They played the same team the next day, and absolutely obliterated them.

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The 1992 Dream Team destroyed any opposition put in front of them – they were unstoppable bar the 1 loss nobody knows about

Winning the gold in a terrorizing fashion, the 1992 dream team decimated anyone who was before them. The one loss that didn’t matter came in the first scrimmage, and that was it. Coach Daley sat out Michael Jordan because he knew with his competitive spirit, he could single-handedly will the team to a win.

The team was destined to win – such was their quality. It was only a matter of time before the chemistry also kicked in, which was why the scrimmages were important. It didn’t matter if they lost then because the experience outside the Olympics would make for all they needed to win the gold.

11 out of the 12 players selected ended up becoming Hall of Fame players – such is their level of dominance. An era of basketball that defined the modern era, giving rise to so many players to look up to. Every single player in the NBA right now would have modeled their game after one of these 12 players at some point in their careers.

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