“This is one 6-footer I can’t handle one on one, ladies let’s have a party”: Stoic Scottie Pippen appears in an iconic commercial for Chicago’s ‘Mr Submarine’ subs

Scottie Pippen has one line during his ‘Mr Submarine’ commercial and it’s ‘This is one 6-footer I can’t handle, ladies, let’s have a party’. 

Michael Jordan may have been the most marketable superstar in the NBA during the 80s and 90s, with him appearing in advertisements for Gatorade and McDonalds, but Scottie Pippen wasn’t far off. Ok, in all fairness, he was pretty far off but getting compared to Jordan in terms of marketability is quite daunting. 

Pippen was featured in several commercials with Nike, Coca Cola, and even VISA during the 1996 Super Bowl. The Coca Cola commercial was actually filmed alongside Charles Barkley where the two are pitted against one another in quite the comical way.

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The VISA advert was him teaming up with Houston Rockets superstar, Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon’, to ‘treat’ various international basketball teams for lunch. Of course, Scottie Pippen corrects Hakeem and tells him that he meant they were going to ‘beat’ these guys for lunch, not ‘treat’. 

However, perhaps Pippen’s best advertisement came well before his team-ups with iconic NBA superstars. 

Scottie Pippen in his commercial for ‘Mr. Submarine’. 

While seeing Scottie Pippen team up with other NBA stars is quite entertaining to watch, he advertisement for Chicago’s own, ‘Mr. Submarine’ might take the cake for being in the Hall of Fame of NBA advertisements.

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Looking back at it over 30 years later, it makes no sense as to how this 30 second long commercial would urge anyone to buy a sub from this establishment. That isn’t to say that their subs are bad, it’s just that the commercial is way too horny and has one line and that one line is egregiously strange 

“This is one 6-footer I can’t handle one on one. Ladies, let’s have a party,” said Scottie. 

Then again, considering the time this was filmed and subsequently put up; it was the golden age of corny athlete advertisements and for all we know, ‘Mr. Submarine’ might’ve done extremely well after this commercial aired.

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