“Tom Brady reminds me of Tim Duncan”: HOFer Chris Carter likens Bucs QB’s skillset to NBA legend and their ability to master the mundane things

Tom Brady and Tim Duncan dominated the league for as long as they played. And NFL HOFer Chris Carter compared the legends amidst Brady’s possible retirement.

Tom Brady is a little bit crazy. There’s no way around it. He is so dedicated to football and quarterbacking that it borders upon madness.  There’s nothing else to say about it and his continued NFL career at the age of 44-years-old is a testament to it.

Tom Brady is widely considered the greatest NFL player of all time. He is a 7x Super Bowl champion, a 5x Super Bowl MVP, and a 3x NFL MVP. His list of accolades is ridiculously long. His longevity is unprecedented. Even after 22 years at the top of his game, he is still one of the best QBs in the league.

Even at the outstanding age of 44, Brady put up MVP number this season.

And with his reported retirement imminent, Chris Carter took the opportunity to praise Brady and likened his career to that of NBA legen Tim Duncan

Tom Brady is the Tim Duncan of the NFL

Hall of Fame wideout Cris Carter joined the Good Morning Football crew to discuss Tom Brady and his career achievements.

God didn’t give [Tom Brady] the best skills. Some of the skills that we talk about that quarterbacks have. But he made himself, he fell in love with the game. He reminds me of Tim Duncan, ‘the Big Fundamental,’ but playing quarterback. He mastered all the little small, mundane things that you have to and turned it into TB12. And what a treat to be able to cover him, to be able to watch him over the years.

Tim Duncan and Tom Brady did have similar careers. Both players got drafted to legendary coaches. Both went on to win championships in different parts of their career. They took less money throughout their career to focus on winning and both won 5 or more championships, showing their incredible longevity.

While Tom Brady is the undisputed GOAT, and Tim Duncan has a lot more competition in that space, their careers can be summed up in the same sentence pretty well.


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