“Took Steve Kerr 4 losses in a row to fix Steph’s rotation!”: Warriors’ Twitter reacts as Head Coach talks about bringing Stephen Curry back to his old rotation patterns

Warriors’ Head Coach Steve Kerr announces he’ll bring back the old rotation pattern for Stephen Curry amidst their 4-game skid

On Thursday evening, the Golden State Warriors lost their third game in a row, for the first time this season. One thought this would cause a change, and the Dubs would have a different outlook against the Lakers. However, they came the same, and are now on a four-game losing streak. Last night’s loss against the Lakers raised a lot of questions. There were questions regarding Draymond Green‘s return, Klay Thompson‘s form, and also, Stephen Curry’s rotation pattern.

For the longest time, Steve Kerr used to play Stephen Curry for 36 minutes on a 12-6-12-6 rotation pattern. However, this season, Kerr decided to shake things up. Although it didn’t seem like it affected Curry initially, a lot of times, we see Curry going hot, and Kerr pulling him out of the game, affecting his rhythm. Talking to media after practice today, Kerr said he’s going to make changes to that.

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Warriors Twitter bashes Steve Kerr about Stephen Curry and his rotation

Imagine you have the world’s best shooter at your disposal. Think about him entering the season in the hottest form he’s been in recent times. Then watch him sizzle and fall into a shooting slump out of nowhere. I’m not saying Kerr is the culprit behind Steph’s struggles, but the changes to the rotation pattern sure would have a role to play.

Recently, Steve Kerr announced he’s changing the rotation pattern for Stephen Curry.

This sparked a lot of reactions from the Warriors loyals.

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Hopefully, changing Curry’s patterns back to what they used to be would spark a positive outcome.

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