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Top 10 Most Popular MotoGP Riders Who Died During The Race

There are numerous reasons why MotoGP is not only the oldest and most entertaining racing event but also the deadliest. Over the years, the evolution of bikes has mounted the thrill as bikes can now run at bullet speed. Besides the fun, the number of fatalities has also increased. Many riders have lost their lives during the race. Here are the top 10 most popular MotoGP riders who have died.


1 – Marco Simoncelli

 The Italian rider has one of the best business acumens in the world. He’s conquered the world with his exceptional riding skills in no time. However, he met one of the deadliest accidents during a Grand Prix race in 2011 and couldn’t survive.

Marco was holding a contract deal with Honda and racing in the Malaysian Grand Prix when he lost control of his bike. He eventually made contact with legendary riders Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards. Resultantly, he fell from his motorcycle and rolled away down the ground.

The road staff quickly flagged red, and Marco was taken to the hospital, but doctors declared him dead. This is one of the most tragic death caught live in a MotoGP event.


2 – Shoya Tomizawa


Shoya Tomizawa is the next rider on our list. He is one of the most impressive riders Japan has ever produced, and he impressed the world from an early age. In 2010, he appeared in MotoGP Grand Prix and was racing in San Marino and Rimini Grand Prix and was playing for Suter.

After a sharp turn, he couldn’t control the bike and collided with another rider. Both bikes got flipped, and Shoya became moveless after dragging down the road. The rescue team immediately checked on him, but he had lost his life.

3 – Ivan Palazzese


An early professional rider from Germany, Ivan Palazzese, also collapsed during the race after meeting a severe accident. Palazzese was a young beauty and possessed incredible riding skills. But all ended in 1989.

Ivan was racing in the German Grand Prix when he met the deadliest accident, which cost his life. While racing for Aprilla, he struck an opponent biker on the track while having a sharp turn.

After dragging down the road for 100+ meters, he got severe neck and back injuries, which didn’t allow him to open his eyes the next time.

4 – Daijiro Kato


The promising Japanese rider, Kato, had the incredible ability to make sharp turns look very easy. However, luck did not support him at the 2003 Japanese Grand Prix at his home ground. In the midway, he collided severely with the side boundary after falling from his bike.

Kato received several neck and head injuries, and skull bones were dispatched. Thus, he died on the spot, leaving an irreparable mark on the Grand Prix racing event. MotoGP riders’ salaries are reported.

5 – Simon Prior


The 1994 German Grand Prix was a nightmare for MotoGP fans in the United Kingdom. In 1994, he was racing for LCR when he suffered a fatal accident that left him unable to move.

Prior was leading the race when he eventually lost control and flipped away along with his back. The impact was so brutal that he became immobile.

6 – Peter Huber

In 1983, Peter Huber competed in the British Grand Prix, one of the most famous races in the history of the sport, as a professional MotoGP rider from Switzerland. He was one of two riders who died in that race. Despite starting his career at a very young age and winning early in his career, the Swiss rider was killed in a collapse at the 1983 event, ending his career prematurely.

7 – Norman Brown

In 1983, Norman Brown also died in the British Grand Prix, the same race as Huber. Both riders collided on the sixth lap, and Brown flipped from his bike. His momentum caused him to fall on the road and drag for some distance, breaking his ribs and ultimately causing his death. As a result, a 23-year-old British youngster died in front of his home audience.

8 – Rolf Ruttimann

Another Swiss professional MotoGP rider is on the list; coincidentally, he also met his fate in 1983. Ruttimann was racing in the Yugoslavian Grand Prix, where he tragically lost his life in one of the saddest MotoGP events. As Rolf made a sharp turn, the tire slipped, and he fell to the ground. He suffered severe head injuries and collapsed immediately on the spot. Medical reports confirmed his death shortly after the accident.

9 – Michael Frutschi


There was another death in MotoGP in 1983, making 1983 an extremely deadly year in MotoGP history. Michael Fritsch, a professional MotoGP rider from Switzerland, was a member of the Honda team in 1983. During a race, a side boundary collapse at the French Grand Prix killed the Swiss professional. In a practice session just a few days ago, Iwao Ishikawa also died, making his death alarming for the MotoGP organizers.

10 – Jock Taylor

In 1982, Taylor suffered a fatal accident at the Finnish Grand Prix, ending his journey of success. He was, without a doubt, one of the most impressive and skilled MotoGP riders, but he could not continue his journey of success for many years. In the event, Taylor, representing the Windle team, slipped and collided with other riders, causing his death. Another British MotoGP racer has died in the tragedy.

These are the top 10 most popular MotoGP riders who died during the race. If anything changes, we will let you know. Stay tuned!


These are the top 10 most popular MotoGP riders who died during the race. If anything changes, we will let you know. Stay tuned!



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