Tyrese Haliburton on Indiana: ‘This is somewhere I want to be long term’


To his credit, Sczczerbiak did publicly apologize, but didn’t personally apologize to Haliburton when the Pacers revisited Madison Square Garden Wednesday night. For the record, Haliburton ranks eighth among Eastern Conference guards in All-Star game fan voting. And yeah, he heard what Sczczerbiak said. Of course, he did. “I don’t think it really bothered me all that much, to be honest,” he said recently. “… Like if it was somebody else, who really meant a lot to me growing up or something, like that would have bothered me. … I don’t really care about it that much. But you know, people have my back, I appreciate that, that’s always love. “I think maybe it’s been on my mind maybe a little bit going into these (recent) games, playing with a little more fire and juice. I take motivation from people with two (Twitter) followers; that’s just who I am.” -via The Athletic / January 13, 2023


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