“Until you stomp me out, cut my head off, bury me 12 feet under, we have a chance”: LeBron James seems utterly focused on getting the Lakers to the 2022 NBA playoffs

LeBron James came out swinging in the Lakers’ postgame presser despite their loss to Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks last night.

We’ve seen for the longest time – 19 years, in fact – that a wounded LeBron James is perhaps the most dominant, scariest player in NBA history. Much like Sachin Tendulkar, who got counted a million times, LeBron is facing more flak in his down days.

A part of the blame undoubtedly rests with The King. After all, many people believe he was the one instrumental in convincing the front office to trade for Russell Westbrook.

The departures of Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope gave the Lakers a hit on the defensive end that they just haven’t been able to cope with, all season long. Westbrook, in turn, has failed to play at the level he’s shown in the past 11 years or so.

And so once again, the onus to save his team’s season falls on 37-year-old LeBron James. While Father Time has certainly had a noticeable effect on LeBron already, it would be extremely unwise to count him out.

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LeBron James stays motivated despite a gut-wrenching loss to the Dallas Mavericks

Speaking to Jacob Wade from SB Nation, the Lakers superstar promised that his squad will go down fighting:

“Listen, I ride or die with Lakers faithful. If they boo, I’m with them. If they scream, I’m with them. That stuff don’t bother me, man. I’m 20 years into the league.”

“I don’t care if they want to boo here, boo there, cheer, whatever they want to do, let’s do it. We’re all together.”

“Until you stomp me out, cut my head off, bury me 12 feet under, we have a chance.”

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James’ words will be scant consolation for Lakers Nation as they look to close their regular season without Anthony Davis, for the most part. If the Lakers don’t make the playoffs, these words are definitely going to do the rounds on NBA Twitter again.

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