“We HAD to bring the logo back, just for you Shaquille O’Neal!”: When Shaq’s West Coast Customs bespoke GM Polaris slingshot, with cues from the original Cadillac Escalade

Shaquille O’Neal loves his automobiles – he has to have them custom altered to fit his monstrous 7’1 frame

Shaq has an eye for a fast car – but he rarely fits in one. When he decided he wanted a GM Polaris slingshot to himself, there is no way he could fit in one. In steps Ryan Friedlinghaus. Friend of the gentle giant and the owner of West Coast Customs (famous for their shows West Coast Customs and Pimp My Ride), he sets out to create a bespoke model exclusively for Superman.

Ryan runs a brilliant custom auto company with world-class designers catering to the whims of the ultra-wealthy. They know exactly what Shaq would like since he got about 50-60 cars made from them. The Polaris Slingshot takes cues from his Escalade, right from the logos, to the color scheme.

It being a tiny car, WCC had to alter the frame to fit Shaq in comfortably, along with the usual luxuries that he would need. WCC seemed to deliver exactly what Shaq was hoping for because the former Lakers man could not contain his excitement. He bench-pressed Ryan like he was nothing while laughing in his new toy! A lot of other athletes have got their cars made from WCC, notably LeBron James and his Lamborghini Aventador.

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Shaquille O’Neal and West Coast Customs go way back – It all started with the custom steering wheel he got made for his Rolls Royce Azure

No automobile manufacturer in the world can make a vehicle right out of the factory that can fit Shaq in it with all the luxuries he wants.  Knowing how he wants leather seats, a rolling studio, and a fast car, Hummers ain’t it for him. That’s where West Coast Customs come in, making him tailor-made vehicles just to fit his taste.

Shaquille is a behemoth who has some eclectic tastes. He isn’t satisfied with the factory luxury, he wants something nobody else has. Why wouldn’t he, when he’s worth 400 million dollars? Everyone knows the story of how Shaq blew his first NBA paycheck on 3 Mercedes, but people don’t know all the other stuff he’s got made. His most famous vehicle would have to be the Maroon Escalade, with the Superman logo at the front.

With everything Shaq does being king-size, it only makes sense his car collection be the same. Be it gas-guzzling SUVs or low-slung 3 wheel sports cars, nothing can remain stock in the presence of Shaq Diesel. And when WCC steps in, expect nothing but madness.

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