“We would double-team the guy that hasn’t gotten the max contract and single cover the guy that has the max contract”: Kobe Bryant was the architect behind creating cracks in the relationship of the opposing teammates

The late Kobe Bryant played the role of a perfect instigator in developing cracks in the relationship between players on the opposing teams, using their contracts as a tool.

Kobe Bryant not only defeated the opposition with his game on the court but found ways to torment them mentally as well. The Lakers superstar was known equally for his trash-talking skills, trying to seep into the minds of his opponents, with even his teammates not being spared.

Ask the likes of Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal, and the list goes on. If not better, the Black Mamba was as good as his mentor Michael Jordan when it came to talking smack. However, Kobe would always back it up on the hardwood.

Kobe never backed down from a fight and was more than ready to take up challenges. His famous feud with former teammate Shaq is one of the prime examples of how the Mamba used the success of others to ignite a fire within himself. In the end, Kobe will always have one more ring than the Big Diesel.

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In an old clip, the five-time Lakers champion revealed how he devised a plan to pit members of the opposing teams against each other.

Kobe Bryant would use the nature of the players’ contracts as tools to create rifts.

The Lakers legend would never seize to come up with some of the most innovative ways of disturbing the peace in the opposition locker room. Kobe was observant in nature and updated himself with the latest happenings around the league at all times.

Kobe had once devised a plan to create a rift between the players on the opposing team, using the nature of their contracts. The Mamba would have two players guard a member of the opposing team, who was going to be a free agent but have one player guard the member who just signed a max contract.

“There would be certain teams that had players, who they had signed to a max contract, and then the supporting player, who was up for free agency, who hadn’t signed yet. So we play them during the season, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to double team the guy that hasn’t gotten the max contract yet, we’re not going to let him get a shot off, and then we’re going to single cover the guy that has the max contract, and then watch the guy, who doesn’t have the max contract b*tch and complain about not getting the ball all night. We watch them divide each other.”

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The two-time Finals MVP would carefully observe and study his opponents in order to devise these strategies.


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