“What can I do to make it about me?”: NBA Twitter reacts after LeBron James says he’s open to a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Lakers superstar’s All-Star Game presser

LeBron James says he’s open to a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers at some point in the future, and NBA Twitter is just not having it.

It doesn’t matter what LeBron James says – he’ll always be providing fuel to his detractors. There’s an entire billion-dollar media segment that’s propped up just by storylines relating to the Lakers superstar. USA Today, for example, have their own LeBron wire section.

After all, this is a man who was promised as our true successor to the throne created by Michael Jordan. Into his 19th season in the league now, James is used to being held to insane standards by any and everyone.

This holds true not just for what he does on the court, but also off it. Granted, James has had a few slip-ups of late, which is quite uncharacteristic of the usually astute athlete. But he’s been a model citizen – just with his quirks, much like every other human being.

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The latest storm kicked up by LeBron James involves reactions to his statement at the pre All-Star Game presser. LeBron was asked a pretty innocuous question regarding whether or not he’d return to the site of his greatest success. James answered in the affirmative.

NBA Twitter has a wide array of reactions to LeBron James’ statement

As expected, NBA Twitter used whatever fuel it could to pile more onto perhaps the most hated player of the past decade.

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