“Why don’t y’all like me? I only beat you thrice!”: Warriors’ Draymond Green embraces the boos the Cleveland crowd showers upon him during the All-Star Media and Practice session

Warriors’ Draymond Green embraces the hatred of the Cleveland crowd, fires back at them with a savage reply

Draymond Green is not a well-liked man in the state of Ohio. The entire city of Cleveland is no fan of the Warriors, but their hatred for Green is on a whole other level. After having met for four consecutive Finals, there were quite a few incidents between Green and the Cavs squad.

However, the past is in the past, or so one would think. It has been almost four years since the last time the Cavs and the Dubs met in the Finals. Yet, the fans at the Rocket Mortage FieldHouse arena seem to remember it like it was yesterday. During media day, when Draymond was put up on the jumbotron, there were loud boos from the audience.

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Draymond Green savagely fires back at the Cleveland crowd

Draymond is not a guy who is known to pull his punches. The 4x NBA All-Star was excluded from the playing squad due to his lower back injury. Before getting injured, Green was on a tear, leading the league in defense, and was a major reason for the Dubs’ strong start to the season.

After hearing the boos, Green had to step up and say something. And boy, he triggered a lot of Cavs fans with his response.

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The 3x NBA Champion was a key reason the Cavs did not have four titles in a row. He was the team’s heart and soul, and their defensive back-bone. Years later, the situation remains the same, with Green having the same roles, if not more.

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