Why Messi choosing Number 30 shirt instead of 10, who left Barcelona to join PSG

An interesting reason came up for choosing 30 instead of 10

An interesting reason came up for choosing 30 instead of 10

Lionel Messi, Argentina’s captain and one among the world’s best footballers, has finally said goodbye to Barcelona after 21 years and is now France’s biggest football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Will represent.

The club offered Messi the number 10 shirt, but he chose to wear the number 30 shirt instead. a number of his pictures have come to light during which he’s showing the number 30 shirt of PSG on which his name is additionally written.

Messi wore the No. 10 shirts for many of his careers while playing for Barcelona and was offered the No. 10 shirts when he joined the new club, which he turned down. The offer was made by his close buddy Neymar.

Messi chose the number 30 because he started his career for Barcelona wearing a matching number shirt and initially wore the number 30 shirt, which changed to number 10. However, it’s been decided to start with PSG once more by wearing the number 30 shirt.

It should be noted that Messi’s departure from Barcelona was a theatrical stage. The news kept coming until the eleventh hour that Messi’s new contract with Barcelona wouldn’t only be finalized during a few hours. But also the new head of the club, Laporte, wants to sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, Barcelona Was warned that he couldn’t even sign Messi, but he would need to prevent his other expensive players. The membership has blamed la Liga for Messi’s departure, so La Liga is closely criticized on mainstream media and social media.

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