World’s oldest New England Patriots fan, Myrtle Milledge, dies at 106

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
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Myrtle Milledge, a 106-year-old woman known as the world’s oldest New England Patriots fan, died on Tuesday at a hospice center in Maine, the Associated Press reported.

The superfan was recognized by the Patriots earlier in February. She was given a No. 106 jersey with her name on it to commemorate her December birthday. 

Here’s part of her obituary, which highlights her connection to the Patriots:

“Myrtle was recently recognized as being the Oldest Patriots Fan in the world by receiving a New England Patriot Jersey with her name and the number 106 to represent her age. She also received a signed letter from Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots team. She enjoyed watching many sports, particularly the New England Teams.”

Milledge’s Patriots fandom dates back to when the team was known as the Boston Patriots and were in the American Football League. When the Patriots made the move to the NFL during the NFL/AFL merger in 1970, Milledge was in her 50s.

Her relationship with the franchise ran deep, as she was even a grand marshal for the Patriots in their most recent Super Bowl parade after the team defeated the Los Angeles Rams. But it wasn’t all highs for someone who followed the Pats since the beginning. She also saw the team move to Foxborough, experienced a Super Bowl loss to the Chicago Bears and then, finally, in 2001 saw her favorite team win it all,

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