“Yo Michael Jordan, when are you gonna come to Detroit so I can dunk on you?!”: When rapper Eminem hilariously recalled about the time he tried speaking trash to the Bulls GOAT

While discussing a potential sneaker collaboration, Eminem awkwardly spoke trash to the legend Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is much more than a distinguished basketball player. Apart from being a winner at the highest level, the man is one of the most influential figures in sporting history, who even managed to build a gigantic sports brand.

During his playing days, Mike was practically unstoppable. Being regarded as the greatest by some of the league’s best players at the point, even before he set foot on the hardwood, is a testament to his greatness. Eventually, the Bulls guard went on to achieve the highest of the highs to be termed as the GOAT by several basketball enthusiasts all over the world.

Over the span of a 15-season long career, His Airness accomplished a ridiculously long list of achievements. In 2003, MJ retired as a 14-time All-Star, 11-time All-NBA, 9-time All-Defensive, won 10 scoring titles, ROTY, 5 MVPs, a DPOY, 6 championships, 6 Finals MVPs, and the list could go on for quite a while.

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Now, Jordan has one of the coldest highlight reels the league has ever seen. Apart from breaking ankles, dishing out some unreal passes, catching bodies, knocking down tough game-winners, Jordan also rejected several players at the time. However, there was one rapper who decided to challenge to dunk on the HOFer.

When Eminem awkwardly challenged to dunk on Michael Jordan

Back in 2020, Eminem narrated a hilarious anecdote from the time when he decided it would be funny to challenge to dunk on Michael Jordan.

Making an appearance on the “Sway on Shade 45” podcast, the 15-time Grammy winner revealed how he contacted Jordan for a potential collaboration with Jordan’s brand but ended up challenging to put the legend on a poster. The rapper disclosed:

“I was on the phone with him (Jordan), we were talking, and everything was cool. He’s super cool, and everything was good until we get to the end of the phone call and I said, ‘Yo man, when are you gonna come to Detroit so I can dunk on you?’”

“It was crickets. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but I think he just kinda of was like, ‘Ha ha ha.’ Like laughed. And I remember getting off the phone going, ‘Oh my God, I think I might have just blew it.’

“To me, in my head, it was completely a total joke, right!? It’s so ridiculous for me to think that I could dunk on Jordan.”

“So in my head, you know, it’s one of those things that you think is gonna be funnier in your head then when you actually say it.”

“When I got off the phone I remember thinking I don’t think he knew I was joking because you know he’s very I mean watching this documentary (The Last Dance) like him he’s very competitive.”

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Sure, we know you were somewhat of a hooper yourself Marshal. But dunking on the Michael Jordan was something the best of the best dared to even think about.

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