“You bait a guy into a trap, get him thrown out, see him ballistic, it’s the best feeling in the world!”: Marcus Smart talks about his ‘flopping’, and what pushed him to defend the way he does

Celtics’ Marcus Smart talks about his ‘flopping’, where he picked it up from, and how satisfying it is for him

Basketball is an ever-evolving sport. Players and coaches have to keep up with new trends to keep up with or get ahead of their competition. It’s not just limited to the offensive capabilities, but also on defense. This especially applies to the NBA, because of all the rule changes that keep happening.

With the rule changes that were made this offseason, the NBA has tried to shift power back from just the offense, to the defense as well. No one uses this fact better than Celtics’ Marcus Smart. The 27-year-old guard is one of the league’s best defenders. He is one of the few players in the NBA who can successfully guard positions 1-5.

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Recently, Smart was on ‘Old Man and the Three’ with JJ Redick. There he claimed that the Celtics would’ve beaten the Warriors in ’18 if the Cavs didn’t take the ECF. Redick there showed Smart a compilation of his flops, which surprisingly got an interesting reaction.

“We got it from you guys!”: Marcus Smart claims he learned flopping from shooters like JJ Redick

While on the Old Man and the Three, JJ Redick showed Marcus Smart a compilation of his flops through the years. Redick also pointed out a certain time when Smart fouled him, causing him to get 8 stitches just above his eye.

Smart saw the clip and was asked about his charge against Pascal Siakam. Marcus jokingly claims it was strategic.

“If I can get the ref to call it in my favor, what is Toronto going to do? They’re going to challenge it. If they do, they won’t have the challenge in the 4th quarter. That actually went in our favor.”

This is the foul in question here.

Smart carried on and said,

“It works for the international players, so I learned it from them. There is no better feeling than getting a guy, you bait him in a trap, get a foul call on him, and he just goes ballistic. It’s one of the best feelings in the world!”

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Well, as long as it works for Smart, he can do whatever he wants to. The Celtics are winning, and if anyone else has an issue, they’d just have to work their way around it.

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