“You got LeBron James Tweeting at me, that’s surreal”: Joe Burrow is amazed by how his play has attracted the attention of Lakers star

Joe Burrow was built for the spotlight, and that’s why reaching the Super Bowl hasn’t hit him. LeBron James Tweeting him, however, is a different story.

The Bengals quarterback was destined from greatness right from his college days. He won the Heinemann and led LSU to a National Championship, and now he’s finding success in his NFL career in just his second season.

Burrow and the Bengals making the Super Bowl this year is even more impressive when you consider that Burrow was rehabbing a torn ACL he suffered last season which took him out for the year.

It’s even more impressive when you take into account that Cincinnati was 4-11-1 last year and 2-14 the year before. They were not a good team, and they were not expected to be here. And yet, they are. Burrow’s greatness has led them here.

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Joe Burrow can’t believe he’s caught the attention of LeBron James

Following the Bengals’ impressive upset over the Kansas City Chiefs, players and fans from across the country made sure to send their flowers to Burrow and the team.

LeBron James got in on the action too.

Burrow was asked about whether he felt like making the Super Bowl was a surreal moment for him, and in a typical Joe ‘Schiesty’ way, the Bengals star said he didn’t think so. In fact, he felt like the fact that he was receiving national attention from legends like LeBron was more surreal.

“I wouldn’t call (reaching the Super Bowl) surreal. I would say it’s exciting,” Burrow explained. “The situation that I’m in socially doesn’t really feel real to me. Because, you know, in my head I’m just the same ol’ guy. One of my idols growing up, Kid Cudi, reached out to me yesterday. You have LeBron tweeting at me or whatever … that part is surreal. The football part – not so much. That (other) stuff is crazy.”

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