“You got me sick Chuck, stay away from me!”: Shaq hilariously went at Charles Barkley on his birthday on NBAonTNT for getting him sick

Shaq couldn’t make it to the NBAonTNT set on Chuck’s 53rd birthday because, according to him, Charles Barkley got him sick. 

The banter that exists between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley is something that can never be replaced by anybody in the NBA sphere. The moment the Lakers legend joined the NBAonTNT set after retiring as a Boston Celtic, it was clear that Shaq and Chuck were going to be at odds in the most entertaining way possible. 

Night in and night out the two go out one another with Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith playing the role of instigator while Ernie Johnson looks to keep everything at bay as a moderator.

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While Charles Barkley has usually used the ‘Shaq is dumb’ argument against him, O’Neal comes at the former Philadelphia 76er for not having won a single championship in his near two decade long tenure in the NBA. 

At the end of the day, it’s very obvious that it’s all love between the two NBA75 superstars as they are quite close friends off the court. 

Shaq blames Charles Barkley on his birthday for getting him sick. 

Charles Barkley was born on February 20th and a couple days prior to his birthday in 2016, the NBAonTNT crew got him his favorite, red velvet cake to commemorate the occasion. Before Chuck had even seen the cake however, Shaquille O’Neal showed up on the big screen with a Snapchat filter on. 

“Sorry I couldn’t be there with you guys tonight. I love everybody on the set except Chuck. Got me sick Chuck! Stay away from me! Ernie, I miss you. Kenny, I miss you. Underdog, put that on a t-shirt. I’ll be back soon guys. Love you. Miss you. Bye-bye.”

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What makes this even more hilarious is that Charles Barkley responds to Shaq’s message in a way that makes it seem as though he doesn’t know that a filter is being used. 

“First of all, can you imagine how ugly he’d be if he didn’t use that stuff?” asked Chuck in relation to the cucumber face mask filter Shaq had on in the video. 

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