“You gotta pray to stop Kevin Durant”: Marcus Smart joins Jrue Holiday in calling the Nets superstar and 2-time Finals MVP the most unguardable NBA player

Marcus Smart joins a long list of NBA players who have had PTSD from guarding one Slim Reaper, known more popularly as Kevin Durant.

Durantula. Easy Money Sniper. The Servant. None of these nicknames do justice to the terror that KD causes to any and every opposition defense he faces.

There are certain players who can telegraph their exact move before doing it, and still pull it off. When Kevin Durant gets to the right wing, everyone knows he’s going to try and drive to his spot on the elbow and hit it. But no one can stop it.

The same thing’s the case when he goes for his baseline jumper, which he countered with a turnaround version as well. There’s also this whole thing called 30-foot range, which Kevin Durant has had for over a decade now.

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When it comes to the number of unique things one player can do on a basketball court, KD is right up there with the long-lasting legends of the game. When it’s all said and done, Kevin Durant will be regarded right alongside Wilt, MJ and Kobe as the best scorers ever.

Marcus Smart calls Kevin Durant the toughest player he’s ever had to guard

Marcus Smart is a man who represents the identity – the heart and the soul – of the Celtics franchise. And one thing that Boston basketball has represented in a proper way over the decades is the heart and hustle required to play elite defense.

Smart is a winning player – a man who can make a quick read-and-react decision and change the score. And he’s also one of the peskiest defenders in the league, 8 years in.

He’s a guy who specializes in shutting guys down, and it’s a thing that he consistently does to many stars. However, Kevin Durant is clearly way too tall and way too skilled for the Celtics’ ace defender to do anything about it. It’s what Smart admitted on JJ Redick’s podcast:

“The hardest player to guard…KD, like I said earlier. I think that he’s anybody’s hardest person to guard. If somebody at his size is doing that, you got it.”

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